SoCal Wild Fire Warnings for Our Readers: Be Wary of Waze

We are located in Southern California. Although we are not currently in the direct line of the Woolsey Fire, we may have some problems or delays. Internet access was out for a short time. Sometimes power is affected and traffic is congested.

We reminded our friends that in a major disaster, Wazers do not always alert the app when they are evacuating. Always check with local authorities such as CalFire, your local police and local news radio that have reporters on site.
We found that looking a SAQMD Twitter feed is more useful to find out air quality ratings.

Yes the air quality is terrible. I found that P100 respirator works better than the N95 mask.

Keep gas in your car. GasBuddy may help, but there could be long lines at local gas stations. If you are near a fires, wear a mask if possible. Keep water and food on hand.

All authorities say if you are in a evacuation zone—evacuate, houses can be rebuild—people can not.