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Multi-Modal AI Sensing in Pink Mobile Lab

Affectiva is launching mobile lab. Equipped with Affectiva Automotive AI, the first multi-modal in-cabin AI sensing solution, the bright pink Mobile Lab car will showcase multiple examples of how Automotive AI will make driving safer and more enjoyable in semi and fully autonomous vehicles.

In Affectiva’s Mobile Lab, participants will experience firsthand how automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers are using Affectiva Automotive AI to build advanced driver monitor systems (DMS) that prevent drowsy and distracted driving.

Within the Mobile Lab, the in-cabin camera tracks the participants’ cognitive and emotional states. When the in-cabin camera detects moderate or extreme drowsiness, the Mobile Lab will simulate a vehicle adaptation by giving the driver an alert via a tablet display in the center console. It offers suggestions such as getting coffee from nearby coffee shops, navigating to a rest stop, playing the driver’s favorite music, or turning on air conditioning. To prevent distracted driving, the Mobile Lab simulation will trigger an alert recommending that the driver keep his or her eyes on the road, in the event that the driver is spending too much time looking elsewhere.

In addition to being able to identify dangerous driving behavior, the Mobile Lab demonstrates the important role that Affectiva Automotive AI will play in giving OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers a deep understanding of occupants, and establishing mutual trust between humans and AI as autonomous vehicles come to the fore. In the same way that humans must trust AI to make safe and enjoyable driving decisions for them, AI must trust and know the vehicle’s occupants well enough to understand when a driver is alert and ready to resume control of a semi-autonomous vehicle.

“As the auto industry continues on its path to autonomy, and consumers’ expectations of how they engage with technology evolves, it’s important to consider how humans and AI will successfully partner with each other. Undoubtedly, trust will need to sit at the center of that relationship,” said Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO, Affectiva.

Affectiva, an MIT Media Lab spin-off, is the leading provider of AI software that detects complex and nuanced human emotions and cognitive states from face and voice. Its patented Emotion AI technology uses machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and speech science. Affectiva has built the world’s largest emotion data repository with over 7 million faces analyzed in 87 countries. Used by 25% of the Fortune Global 500 companies to test consumer engagement with ads, videos and TV programming, Affectiva is now working with leading OEMs, Tier 1s and technology providers on next generation multi-modal driver state monitoring and in-cabin mood sensing.