PayByCar E-ZPass Transponder in-Car Payments for Gas, Food & Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pay for food, gas or car washes without getting out of your car or even having to hand over a credit card or cash? A new pilot program from PayByCar allows drivers to use toll transponders for fast non-toll transactions, such as pumping gas and paying at quick-serve restaurants and car wash drive-thrus and other automotive services.

The connected car company just signed a pilot program agreement with the E-ZPass Group under their “Driven by E-ZPass” brand which allows E-ZPass customers to open a separate non-toll account with Verdeva’s PayByCar program and link their toll transponder(s) to that account, eliminating payment hassles so drivers can get back on the road in no time at all.

“American drivers spend hundreds of hours behind the wheel every year. When they stop for coffee or to fill up their tank, the last thing they want is to be waiting in long car lines and fumbling for cash or credit cards. But, too often, that’s exactly what happens”
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In addition to the launch of PayByCar, Verdeva also announced the appointment of Anand Raman, a seasoned entrepreneur and mobile technology expert, as president and COO.

The E-ZPass Group is comprised of toll entities stretching across 17 states that operate the E-ZPass© electronic toll collection program. It is the largest interoperable toll collection program in the world.

PayByCar, which is currently in pilot, is frictionless. Drivers opt-in to the program and choose the payment method (credit or debit card, e-wallet, etc.) that they’ll be using for non-toll charges. PayByCar customers grant permission to use their E-ZPass© transponder to look up a separate PayByCar account. PayByCar charges are not processed through the E-ZPass toll accounts, but rather through a separate account directly with Verdeva. When a member drives up to a participating retailer, PayByCar recognizes the toll transponder on the car and the presence of the driver’s cell phone. It authorizes and automates payment using the member’s chosen method for Verdeva non-tolling transactions, which is on file with PayByCar, and offers personalized rewards.

“Everyone loves the simplicity of paying for tolls with transponders. PayByCar uniquely takes this to the next level, using the same transponders to make everyday transactions easy and seamless and bring simplicity to consumers’ lifestyle. With over 35 million E-ZPass equipped vehicles in the U.S., the opportunity for PayByCar is tremendous,” said Raman. “I’m excited to join the PayByCar team and make in-vehicle payments easy for millions of drivers.”

Raman is a seasoned tech start-up executive with a track record of building and growing mobile software technology companies from the ground up. He brings a multi-faceted perspective to overseeing all aspects of PayByCar and is responsible for both strategic and tactical operations.

PayByCar, by Verdeva, the in-vehicle payment innovator, makes it easier than ever for people to pay drive-up retailers while in their cars. Using the toll transponders drivers already have and love, PayByCar eliminates payment hassles so people can get back on the road in no time. Verdeva’s unique agreement with the E-ZPass Group, a trusted transponder brand used in over 35 million vehicles across much of the U.S., gives consumers the confidence they need to pay by car.