iPhone n’ Android Apps for Selling, Charging, Parking, Mobility Auto Pilot Fun & Managing Cars

Sample Screen (PRNewsfoto/Parallel Spaces Maps, LLC)

There are new parking, charging, selling,  enterprise and creative mobility apps on the market that make selling, parking, managing and riding in cars easier. The apps are available for iPhone and Android.

NYC Parkaholics Rejoice

CAN I PARK HERE? is the simple question that New York drivers ask themselves on a daily basis, but as any Manhattan driver knows the answer is never simple. This Summer it just got a little easier. Launching this month, parkken, is an Android app that answers those tough parking questions and tells drivers exactly where and when it is legal to park on the streets of Manhattan. By tapping on its map screen, or filling in any other time and place in the CAN I PARK HERE? query box, the parkken App calculates the current or future legal parking available on that block.

The parkken app is the latest offering from Parallel Spaces Maps, LLC whose previous app was a map of Manhattan that utilized an unusual set of clock symbols and barbed wire to visualize a block’s parking rules. While those symbols depicted parking rules in a novel way, they were, at first glance, a little daunting.  The parkken app takes the next, more convenient step and translates those symbols to answer specific parking queries for any block in Manhattan.

The app is self-explanatory. By pressing on the map screen, you launch the CAN I PARK HERE query box. The time and place are automatically filled in. You can hit “Search” or, if you prefer, fill in any other time and place and the App calculates the legal parking available on that block for that time you requested. If legal parking is not immediately available, the app responds with the soonest time free or metered parking will be allowed. CAN I PARK HERE? responses extend to include that time legal parking will no longer be allowed or if the free legal parking will change to metered parking.

The map view motif of clocks and barbed wire offer additional parking details for those with the gumption to explore its symbols. Those efforts can pay off as once you are accustomed to reading them, they can paint in broad strokes the parking rules for a whole neighborhood.

Unavoidably, there will be times when you have to park immediately or can’t seem to find a space anywhere. If you do decide to park in a garage or lot, a dollar bill shaped button on the lower left of the screen turns ON or OFF the locations and contact information of the off-street parking facilities in your area.

If you are in need of off street parking tap the button to turn on the interactive garage and lot locations symbols. A brief tap on any dollar-bill shaped garage symbol gives that facilities address and telephone number. Future updates may also include coupons to help save on garage and lot parking expenses.

Tom Hibbard of Parallel Spaces Maps who designed the app, says “This began as a personal need and then a personal obsession for an easy to understand, condensed view of parking rules in Manhattan. It has become a tool everyone can use.”

So far, the app only works for non commercial vehicles, but Mr. Hibbard has offered to make a commercial vehicle version if there is demand for it.  Other features of the app are an address Search function, a Favorites bookmark function for neighborhoods where you go often, and a GPS locator button.

There is also an iPhone version.

Share the Charge for a Charge

Starting this summer, California residential and commercial owners of electric vehicle charging stations enabled with eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet smart-grid charging technology will have the opportunity to rent out charging time on their stations to EV drivers participating in a new peer to peer (P2P) network powered by MotionWerk’s Share&Charge open platform. Share&Charge was founded by the innogy Innovation Hub whose purpose it is to evolve an innovation portfolio for innogy SE, Germany’s leading energy company. The Share&Charge mobile app connects EV drivers with available residential and commercial EV charging stations and facilitates blockchain-based payments from visiting EV drivers to station owners. The new sharing platform aims to increase the availability of public charging stations and decrease range anxiety current and prospective EV drivers experience. This partnership marks the first peer to peer charging network to use blockchain technology in North America.

Expanding its P2P charging network already established in Germany, Share&Charge leverages decentralized and transparent Ethereum-powered blockchain technology to allow people to interlink with each other to share and bill products and services securely and conveniently. Through the app, residential and commercial owners of JuiceNet enabled stations can share their charging asset with other EV drivers in the network. Meanwhile, any EV driver can download the Share&Charge app to see available charging facilities on a map and navigate to the closest charging station for charging. With a few clicks in the app, the station owners can choose the times to share their service with others and set the price to charge visiting drivers.

California owners of any JuiceNet enabled devices who would like to share their charging stations are eligible to participate in the new P2P network, but initial participation will be limited on a first-come first-serve basis. Currently compatible devices include charging stations such as eMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro, Aerovironment EVSE-RS JuiceNet Edition, Clipper Creek HCS-40 JuiceNet Edition, and Nayax EVMeter. Additionally, the new service is compatible with eMotorWerks’ JuicePlug smart-grid charging adapter that allows any charging station by any manufacturer to participate in the program. All drivers of an electric vehicle can sign up to make use of the shared residential charging stations.

Blinker Apps in TX

Blinker, themobile app that allows anyone to buy, sell, finance and refinance cars themselves without going to the bank or dealership, is available to all Texans. The app will empower more than five million people who are expected to buy or sell a used car in Texas this year, with 24 million registered vehicles across the state — the second-largest auto market in the country.

Using patented, image-recognition technology, Blinker makes everything as easy as snapping a photo. People can list their car for sale, buy a car, apply for a new loan or refinance their current loan entirely through the free app, saving thousands of dollars on every transaction.

Blinker was founded last year in Denver, and has emerged as the fastest-growing auto sales platform in the state, transacting more than $57 million in total vehicle value. In just 12 months, Blinker has grown to offer as many private-party listings as platforms like cars.com and Car Gurus in Colorado.

Blinker makes buying and selling used cars easier, quicker and safer than other online private-party options or dealerships. Blinker is the only platform that verifies ownership records and seller identities, handles payments through the app, conducts a 17-point fraud check on every vehicle and offers a free CARFAX Report™ with every listing. The app also integrates Black Book™ pricing guidance, ensures the seller receives payment securely, and transfers the title electronically — no other car sales platform does this. Blinker also allows people to sell their cars even if they still have a loan, handling the lien payoff right in the app.

In addition to facilitating sales and financing transactions in Colorado and Texas, the free app can be used nationwide to snap a photo and instantly learn the year, make, model, equipment, estimated value and mileage of any car on the road in seconds.

New Fleet App

The new Enterprise Fleet Management app makes it easier for both fleet managers and drivers to identify and address issues, such as maintenance needs or opportunities to improve fleet efficiency, in real time. In addition, it offers features like digital maintenance cards and in-app appointment booking that allow drivers to spend less time dealing with administrative tasks and more time getting where they need to go.

The new app will retain all the features of Enterprise Fleet Management’s former app – such as accident reporting and maintenance and fuel locators – plus the following new features:

  • Actionable Alerts – Drivers can swipe an alert to mark it as read, unread or to dismiss it. Actions performed on an alert in the mobile app automatically sync to Enterprise Fleet Management’s customer login website for seamless consistency and visibility by fleet managers.
  • Maintenance – Digital maintenance cards available in the mobile app can be shown to collision repair centers in place of physical cards. In addition, drivers can request and schedule maintenance appointments with Firestone directly from the app.
  • Multi-Vehicle Management – For drivers assigned to more than one pool vehicle, they can now manage entries for multiple vehicles under a single user account.
  • Odometer Entries – Both fleet managers and drivers can gain insight into a vehicle’s recent odometer history and correct erroneous entries when applicable.
  • Login and Security Enhancements – Customers now use the same login ID for the mobile app and customer login website. Those with iOS devices also have the option to use Touch ID fingerprint technology to log in. Users can choose to show or hide the password on the login screen to minimize password entry errors. They can also change their password within the app.

Additional mobile features currently under development include push notifications for alerts, check-in and check-out reporting for pool vehicles, digital insurance cards and registration documents, more vendor options for scheduling maintenance appointments, and the ability to upload photos for vehicle profiles.

#Mobility App with Autonomous 3D Movement for Kids Mobilmo

Adventure (PRNewsfoto/Toyota Motor Corporation)

Toyota Motor Corporation announced the global launch of Mobilmo, a mobile app that empowers children to exercise creativity through the craft of making things. Toyota and teamLab (https://www.teamlab.art/) partnered to create an app in which children are able to experience infinite joy from engaging in the following three key elements: “Move” (moving things), “Build” (freely creating things), and “More” (making more friends). These key elements are the basis for the name “Mobilmo.” This app will allow children from all over the world to connect with their dreams and help them find joy in the craft of future manufacturing.

1. What is Mobilmo?

Mobilmo is an app available for download on smartphones and tablets that allows children around the world to create their own Mobilmo (3D contraptions) to explore the virtual planet of Cosmobi.

2. What makes Mobilmo fun?

  • Create Mobilmo of various shapes however you like.
    Choose from a variety of 3D parts to create your very own Mobilmo.
  •  Add your favorite movements to your Mobilmo.
    You can program your Mobilmo to remember unique movements that you create.
  •  Team up with others to co-create Mobilmo.
    Exchange parts with other Mobilmo that you may encounter while exploring the virtual planet of Cosmobi to build up your own original Mobilmo.

3. How to play Mobilmo

  • Build
    With over 100 3D parts to choose from, Mobilmo is a new foray into the craft of the future of manufacturing. You can make your Mobilmo cool, cute, and even strange looking – your own original creation.
  • Move
    Add your favorite movement to your Mobilmo, and your Mobilmo will remember it. Do you want your Mobilmo to run? To fly? To dance? It is easy to add any kind of movement with the touch of your finger to your Mobilmo.
  • Adventure
    After you create and add movement to your Mobilmo, you are free to explore the vast expanses of the giant planet of Cosmobi. Once your Mobilmo leaves a footprint (footprint = uploading your original Mobilmo) on Cosmobi, your Mobilmo becomes visible to other players on Cosmobi.
  • Meet and Clone Parts
    Once you meet other Mobilmo created by other players on Cosmobi, you can exchange parts with other Mobilmo friends. Explore various places with your Mobilmo, and connect with other Mobilmo players from around the world.

Mobilmo has lots of other cool features.

  • Mini Games
    Using your Mobilmo you can compete in mini games such as “Time Attack” and “Banana Jump” and boost your ranking.
  • 9 Worlds of Wonder
    The nine worlds of wonder feature areas including a penguin-shaped mountain and the sparkling cave area. You can adjust your Mobilmo to fit the characteristics of each area and enjoy the game even more.
  • Emblems
    Collect emblems as your Mobilmo gains popularity among other players or if you win mini games.
  • DNA
    See how parts from your Mobilmo are used by other players.
  • Auto Pilot
    Set your Mobilmo to auto pilot mode and traverse the virtual planet of Cosmobi with ease.
  • Ranking
    Interacting with other users gets you “experience points” and allows you to level up your rank.
  • Mobilmo Radar
    Use the in-app radar feature to find new arrivals and popular Mobilmo. Be sure to “like” your favorite Mobilmo.

Two creation modes for beginners and advanced users

  • Mobilmo Creation Mode (Beginner)
    You can select and combine “action” and “normal” parts to create your Mobilmo.
  • Action Parts Creation Mode (Advanced)
    You can select and program your original movements to “normal” parts to create “action” parts.

Once you are able to master the Action Parts Creation Mode, your Mobilmo can move even more freely.


In 2004, Toyota launched the “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest” with the goal of enabling children to experience the joy of expressing themselves by drawing their dream cars. Since the debut of the contest, Toyota has received more than 4.6 million submissions from children from over 100 countries and regions.

In addition, Toyota would like to reach out to children (or “digital natives”) who have been exposed to the internet and digital environment from a young age and provide them with an opportunity to exercise creativity. This has led to the development of a revolutionary app that will put children on the path of discovery and opportunity to navigate in a digital world and enjoy a completely new way of communicating.

teamLab is an art collective founded in 2001 that brings together professionals, referring to themselves as “ultratechnologists” from various fields of practice in digital society, including artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, web and print graphic designers, and editors. The collective plans and operates teamLab Island, a futuristic amusement park where children can learn and play.