Connected GPS Darts Cut the Chase-Tracking Traffickers & Criminals

High speed police car chases are dangerous and can cause injuries and accidents.  Instead of police cars following the cars a new system from StarChase shoots the suspected vehicle with with GPS dart, then the police can track it.

The police in Arvana Colorado, have been using the darts with a 85% success rate. The city of Tustin, Calif. has been using the StarChase device. The police launch the dart from the front of police vehicles. The police still pursue the suspect, but not in a speeding vehicle and can plan their moves.

StarChase’s grille-mounted GPS Launcher System is equipped with GPS-enabled “tags” that allows officers to deploy a tag that attaches to a suspect’s vehicle. Tags can be launched from inside or outside of the patrol vehicle via a console or remote key fob.

The de-escalation technology provides near real-time GPS location of the vehicle through a secure web-based mapping platform. The data provided allows an agency to manage personnel and vehicles tactically, allowing for safe suspect capture without the excessive adrenaline and risk.

Trough the use of StarChase GPS Tag & Track Technology, a United States Southwestern State Law Enforcement Agency rescued 18 innocent victims who were being transported as a part of a human trafficking ring near the US Border with Mexico. The agency brought a potentially dangerous and possibly deadly pursuit situation to a safe conclusion by utilizing StarChase’s GPS Tag and Track Launcher System.

While patrolling near the border, a State Canine Task Force Officer, equipped with StarChase observed a traffic violation by a Dodge Ram. The driver, instead of yielding to lights and sirens, fled at high- speed. The officer reacted within seconds by deploying a StarChase GPS tag onto the vehicle. The officer then fell back and allowed dispatch to monitor the event. Using StarChase’s secure mapping portal, agency dispatch was able to coordinate resources based on the vehicle’s tracked location updates.

Within minutes, the suspect, unaware he was being tracked, began to slow to the posted speed limit.  Like so many other cases, the StarChase tracking technology provided the agency critical time to tactically place resources ahead of the suspect vehicle, in less-congested, safer locations. When the suspect saw the assets in place ahead of and surrounding him, he had no choice but to pull over. Once the vehicle stopped, officers on scene found 18 innocent victims of sex trafficking in the cargo bed of the truck.