Connected Car News Tips: Tesla, Mazda, Magna, Delphi, Parking GENIVI, Mentor, Renesas, Green Hills, Wipro, Ridecell & EvoNexus

This week there were lost of tidbits of connected car news that was too short report. In the news were Tesla, Mazda, Magna, WayRay, Delphi, Parkopedia, Prkfast, SpotHero, GENIVI, Mentor Graphics, Renesas, LDRA, Inova, SpecialGuest, Green Hills, Wipro, Ridecell and EvoNexus.

Top Best a’ Tesla

Tesla raised $1.2 Billion to finance its more affordable Model 3. There are rumors that a CUV will based on the platform. It is also believed that there will be more powerful Tesla 3 models that can be upgraded to 75K battery packs.

Tesla Motors is sending emails to customer who were interested the in the lower-priced Model S 60 and 60D, stating that these Tesla models will soon be discontinued on April 15. These models start at $68,000 have 75K batter packs that are locked down to 60K.

Android Auto & CarPlay for Mazda Soon reported that Mazda will at some point release CarPlay to Android Auto that will be compatible with previous models. A Mazda spokesman emailed that “Mazda has been a CarPlay and Android Auto partner since 2014, so it is no secret that we are developing both systems to interface with our Mazda Connect infotainment system. Both software systems should be retroactively upgradable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a potentially minimal hardware addition needed. Mazda does not yet have an official timeline for when these should be available or at what cost, however.”

Parents Can Watch the Kids on Mini Van Camera

Magna International gives parents extra set of eyes with a video-based child-monitoring system, an industry-first feature to increase safety for drivers and passengers based on Magna’s EYERIS camera technologies. The system recently debuted on a new minivan at the 2017 North American International Auto Show which we think is the new Honda Odyssey.

The child-monitoring feature provides front passengers with a clear, undistorted view of the backseat area on a display screen. A digital, megapixel camera located over the rear seat provides parents and other caregivers a top-down view of children in the rear seats. Even at low-light or dark conditions, passengers are illuminated by an infrared LED light and can clearly be seen on the screen.

In addition, the minivan includes an EYERIS rearview camera, which assists the driver while reversing the vehicle. Rearview cameras will become mandatory in the United States for all light-passenger vehicles in 2018.

Heads Up for WaRay from Alibaba

Swiss AR HUD developer WayRay is being financed by Alibaba and is partnering with Banma Technologies for an AR car navigation and infotainment system.

Banma Technologies is an independent startup invested by Alibaba Group and China’s largest automaker SAIC Motor

The new system will be built into one of Banma’s 2018 car models, turning it into the world’s first vehicle in production with a holographic AR head-up display (HUD).

Delphi Honored

Delphi has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, as a 2017 World’s Most Ethical Company.

Parkopedia & OnStar

Parkopedia announced that it has been renewed as a parking services provider to OnStar. With the support of Parkopedia, OnStar will provide active subscribers in the U.S., Canada and Europe with a premium parking service through the OnStar AtYourService offering.  This service includes dynamic parking space availability for equipped vehicles and other features.

OnStar AtYourService is a service that helps customers get valuable offers for places to eat, shop and play. These offers are delivered directly through a vehicle’s mobile app or through a simple press of the blue OnStar button. OnStar AtYourService is available to customers at no additional cost.

More Parking Information With SAP

Prkfast, a tech startup with an innovative mobile app for searching and paying for off-street parking, today announced a new agreement with SAP to provide cashless parking services via SAP Vehicles Network.

Through the agreement with SAP, Prkfast enables any mobile user to search for the parking facility nearest to the user’s current location or desired destination, and make a reservation to secure the parking spot and pay for it in advance. By connecting to SAP Vehicles Network, Prkfast is able to access and book over 1,000,000 parking spots, amongst 8,000 garages in North America and Europe.

Concur SpotHero for Biz

At Concur Fusion 2017, SpotHero launched a new way for businesses and their employees to manage parking expenses. The new SpotHero For Business product is the first in-app solution to seamlessly submit parking receipts into expense management platform Concur. Previously, employees driving for work had to keep copies of their parking receipts and submit them manually, which was time-consuming and prone to error. SpotHero For Business saves employees time, and empowers businesses with increased visibility into parking related expenses.

GENIVI For Summer Coders

The GENIVI Alliance, an open, collaborative development community of automakers and their suppliers driving the broad adoption of open source in-Vehicle (IVI) and connected car software, has announced its GENIVI Development Platform (GDP) has been chosen to participate in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program.

The GSoC is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development.  Students work with an open source organization on a 3-month programming project during their school break, and the GDP was one of 201 applications accepted among 400 applicants.  The GDP is an open source automotive development platform where prototypes and innovative IVI and connected vehicle solutions can be rapidly developed and demonstrated in an open community.

Cypress MCUs for Continental

Continental has selected Cypress’ automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) for its new body electronics platform. Cypress designed the Traveo™ II family specifically to deliver the performance, scalability, low power consumption and security required for emerging automotive platforms.The platform enables features to address the market’s latest trends, such as firmware over-the-air (OTA) updates,

Mentor Graphics Certified

Mentor Graphics announced that independent compliance firm SGS-TÜV Saar has certified the ISO 26262 compliance of Mentor’s Software Tool Qualification Report for its Questa® Simulation, Verification Management and Clock-Domain Crossing (CDC) products.

With this certification, these Questa solutions are the latest additions to the Mentor Safe program, which is one of the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive ISO 26262 qualification initiatives. Mentor Safe enables customers to integrate Mentor tools and software into their safety-critical design and verification flows at all criticality levels from ASIL A to ASIL D. Mentor Tool Qualification Kits provide all information necessary to properly evaluate use cases and confidence levels, reducing qualification efforts for OEMs and automotive semiconductor suppliers.

Mentor Safe products will ship with comprehensive enablement collateral providing descriptions and best practices information in the use of program-qualified products.

NCTA Selects TransCore

North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NCTA) has selected TransCore to design, build, and maintain advanced roadside toll collection systems for the new Monroe Expressway and U.S. 74 Express Lanes, both of which are expected to open in 2018. The introduction of express lanes in the area represents a growing national trend to reduce traffic congestion by providing motorists an option to pay for access to designated lanes during peak travel times. TransCore developed the first dynamically-priced express lanes in 1998 in San Diego and has since deployed the majority of all express lanes in the U.S.

Renesas Synergy

Renesas Electronics,  unveiled the latest expansion of its Renesas Synergy Platform at embedded world 2017. Key developments to the Synergy Platform include: the latest version of the Synergy Software Package (SSP) version 1.2.0 that assures unprecedented levels of software quality in accordance to processes defined by the international standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 by offering a complete Software Quality Assurance (SQA) documentation package; a new Wi-Fi software framework to standardize and simplify connection of embedded IoT devices; and the new Synergy S5D9 Group microcontrollers (MCUs) enabling secure manufacturing and communication.

LDRA Tool Suite

LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, software code analysis, and test tools announced that the LDRA tool suite is now integrated with Green Hills Platforms for Automotive, Industrial Safety, and Medical Devices. This integration provides a comprehensive solution available for the development and verification of high- assurance embedded applications.

Building on the success of previous integrations between the LDRA tool suite and the Green Hills MULTI Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and RTOS platforms for aerospace and defense applications, the new platform integrations save design time and cost by expediting the verification and delivery of embedded applications requiring compliance with safety and security standards.

Inova Semi New High Speed Magazine

At the Embedded World exhibition, Inova Semiconductors announced new high speed mezzanine card for Intel Cyclone V FPGA boards. The new transceiver card has been co-developed by Inova and the Intel Programmable Solutions Group, and enables engineers to easily set up hardware for testing and system development with the APIX2 automotive video interface. It can be connected to any Intel FPGA development board with a High-Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC) connector, which enables system development with Intel FGPAs and System-on-Chips (SoCs). A design example has been developed for receiving and merging APIX2 camera video streams and sending them over an APIX2 link, and will be available at the Intel Design Store.

APIX2 is Inova’s SerDes (serializer/deserializer) technology for video and data communication in vehicles. It provides high-speed differential data transmission over a quad twisted pair (QSTP) cable, with bandwidth up to 3Gbps. APIX2 is the second generation of the proven Automotive Pixel Link (APIX) standard, and is ideal for automotive display and camera applications.

SpecialGuest Special for NIO EVE Offer Zen Experience

SpecialGuest announced a collaboration with NIO U.S., a next-generation, electric and autonomous car company. NIO tapped SpecialGuest as a key creative partner to support the design of its in-car digital experience for the U.S. market. SpecialGuest collaborated with NIO to help design and prototype NIO’s user interface, user experience and soundscape, resulting in a sophisticated user experience at the intersection of utility and visual art.

NIO also contracted with SpecialGuest to help manifest the in-car user experience in a way SXSW attendees could experience and be moved by.

Inside the car pod, attendees interact with a novel car user interface and video driving experience, starting in manual drive before proceeding to autonomous drive. When in autonomous drive, attendees have the option to toggle between several different experiences, including Map Mode, Calls Mode, Timeline Mode, Music Mode, Movies Mode and Zen Mode.

SpecialGuest also collaborated to create an experience film expressing NIO’s vision for autonomy as a way to bring your favorite spot with you wherever you go, debuted during NIO CEO Padmasree Warrior’s keynote.

Green Hills Software and Imagination announce INTEGRITY RTOS support for MIPS I6400 CPU

Green Hills Software and Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) announce expanded Green Hills tools support for MIPS CPUs with availability of the Green Hills INTEGRITY® RTOS for the MIPS I6400 CPU. The combination provides a highly efficient solution for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, networking, and other applications which require maximum reliability, security, and real-time performance.

The 64-bit MIPS I6400 CPU features real-time hardware virtualization (VZ) capability which enables designers to save costs by safely and securely consolidating multiple CPU cores into a single core, save power where multiple cores are required, and dynamically and deterministically allocate CPU bandwidth per application. In the I6400, this is combined with simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) which provides higher utilization and CPU efficiency. The combination of SMT with VZ offers the benefits of security by isolation while minimizing context switching overhead.

EchoMaster Releases New PBS-MWSK Microwave Sensor Blind Spot Detection System

EchoMaster introduced PBS-MWSK, side blind spot sensor detection system. Utilizing advanced microwave sensor technology to deliver an unparalleled aftermarket driver safety and assistance system. Triggered on by use of the left and right turn signals, these sensors can detect vehicles within 50 feet, moving as fast or faster than you, which could be easily hidden within the driver’s blind spot. Giving drivers an audible and visual warning, makes lane changing safer and easier.

The PBS-MWSK Microwave Sensor Blind Spot Detection System has been designed for superior accuracy, using microwave sensors rather than ultrasonic. Microwave blind-spot sensors allow for a much faster response time compared to ultrasonic sensors, and are more accurate, as they can differentiate between cars and other objects that may trigger false alarms (trees, mailboxes, etc.).

Microwave sensors are installed on the inner corners of the rear bumper, and connect to two visual indicator LED lights that are installed inside your vehicle, within the line of sight of your car’s side view mirrors.

In addition to the visual signals installed with the PBS-MWSK, a volume controlled alert system is included to provide auditory feedback about potential dangers in your blind spot. An added benefit of this design is that it is compatible with aftermarket rear backup sensors.

PBS-MWSK is available from authorized EchoMaster dealers at a suggested retail price of $774.99.

Diodes Inc.’s First

Diodes Incorporated introduced the D28V0H1U2P5Q at Embedded World 2017. Billed as the industry’s first unidirectional 1800W automotive-compliant transient voltage suppressor (TVS), this device is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits from transients generated by inductive switching and targets a wide range of automotive applications, including pumps, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air-conditioning), infotainment, navigation, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Packaged in the thermally efficient PowerDI®5, the D28V0H1U2P5Q features a reverse stand-off voltage of 28V and low reverse leakage while being able to dissipate up to 1800W of power per 10/1000µs transient, which is 20% higher than comparable solutions.

Wipro Opens Center in Detroit

Wipro  announced the opening of an Automotive Engineering Center (AEC) in Detroit. The center aims to drive innovation in connected vehicle concepts – design, product engineering, digital customer-vehicle experiences, artificial intelligence, and sensors-driven advanced vehicle data analytics.The Wipro’s AEC is part of Wipro’s vision to build a global network of delivery centers that offer best-in-class engineering and IT services, augmented by leading-edge automotive domain and digital solutions. The center will serve as a hub to support the automotive engineering and IT requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and tier-I suppliers, based in North America.

RideCell and Auro Robotics

RideCell,carsharing and ridesharing services, and Auro Robotics, maker of driverless zero-emission shuttles, announced hat they have partnered to deliver autonomous transportation solutions to universities and corporate campuses. By combining the ridership growth made possible by the RideCell platform with the cost savings of Auro’s driverless shuttles, the partnership improves the efficiency of operating campus mobility services. RideCell also provides a fleet management infrastructure that enables Auro to maintain its autonomous fleets across multiple university and corporate customers.

Automated Mapping from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric announced  that it has developed technologies for automated mapping and extraction of transitions in mapping landscape based on artificial intelligence (AI) and the company’s own Mobile Mapping System (MMS) for highly precise three-dimensional maps that provide static information of roads and surrounding objects, intending to form the basis for dynamic maps indispensable for autonomous driving. As a forerunner in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric aims to contribute to the early implementation of maps that offer constantly updated dynamic information, such as traffic signals and information about surrounding vehicles etc., for safe, highly precise autonomous driving.

The automated mapping technology uses AI to quickly create precise, accurate three-dimensional maps. Only necessary information, such as road markings and traffic signs, is extracted from laser-point clouds and camera data measured and collected by MMS. Mitsubishi Electric’s MMS provides 3D positional information of roads and roadside structures with an absolute precision within 10cm or less, which is collected via a system consisting of laser scanners, cameras and GPS antennas, while driving. AI improves the precision of extraction and recognition of the only data necessary, resulting in some 10 times faster map creation compared to industry-standard manual creation. The system also costs less than conventional methods.

Calling Robotics and Autonomous Engineers

EvoNexus, the leading non-profit technology incubator in Southern California, whose portfolio companies have raised over $1.1BN in funding and outcomes, is collaborating with three leading technology companies that may provide seed capital of up to $250,000 each to high-tech startup companies: Qualcomm; ViaSat and InterDigital. EvoNexus is now accepting applications for its Spring 2017 class. Applications for the round are open until April 2nd, 2017, however startups may apply year-round.

In addition to potential seed funding, admitted startups receive all of the pro-bono EvoNexus incubator resources provided by EvoNexus such as mentorship, access to additional capital, and free Class A office and dry lab space in Irvine, La Jolla and Downtown San Diego, provided by California’s leading commercial real estate developer, Irvine Company.

Qualcomm Ventures@EvoNexus: is looking for, IoT, Automotive, Health/Wellness, AR/VR, Data Center & Cloud and 5G.

ViaSat@EvoNexus is looking for Communications & Signal Processing, Computer Networking, Software Defined Networks / Network Function Virtualization / Cloud Computing, Big ata/Analytics/Data Science, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Media Services & Internet Browsing, Connected Environments (IoT, Smart Home), Internet on Mobile Platforms (Airline, Maritime, Connected Car) and Internet Service Worldwide (Policy, Culture, Technology).

InterDigital@EvoNexus is looking for 5G, IoT, AI/Machine Learning/Neural Networks/Deep Learning
Autonomous Systems, Robotics, AR/VR/MR, Networks/SDN/NFV, Vision Processing, NLP.

EvoNexus’ incubator program is not limited to startups within the technology areas listed above. Technology startups that operate outside of the sectors above are encouraged to apply.

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