Buyers want online inventory, specs and prices / cars need navigation / mtgs @MWC

A survey from the In-Vehicle UX (IVX) group at Strategy Analytics shows consumer interest in vehicle purchasing research online. Strategy Analytics analysts have also reported on the changing navigation market and the need for in-vehicle navigation for autonomous cars.

Survey takers in the US and China exhibited the greatest interest in most activities including choosing vehicle specs, estimating cost and taxes, and checking nearby dealer inventories. Comparatively, respondents in Western Europe were less open to conducting vehicle purchasing tasks online. Respondents across all regions were least likely to be interested in conducting credit-related tasks over the internet.

Surveying consumers in the US, the UK and China, Strategy Analytics  found that checking dealer inventory, choosing vehicle specs, and estimating fees or taxes were the top three activities consumers were most interested in across all regions. Premium vehicle owners in China exhibited higher interest than owners of other vehicle classes in most online activities, and respondents aged 18-24 and 55 or over were most likely to show lower interest in the listed online activities.

Derek Viita Senior Analyst and report author commented, “With over 60% of respondents across all regions exhibiting interest in checking nearby dealer inventory and estimating fees or taxes over the internet when considering purchasing a vehicle, OEMs should make it a priority to partner with dealers and optimize such services online. This would allow OEMs to involve themselves in the early stage of consumers’ vehicle purchasing decision process.”

Chris Schreiner, Director IVX, added, “However, it is important to recognize that respondents did not exhibit strong interest in the ability to chat with a dealer online, indicating that many of the consumers surveyed do not want involvement with a dealer during the process of online research. Such capabilities would become important at a later stage of the purchasing and decision making process though, in addition to the ability to check application status over the internet.”

Navigation Needed for Advanced Features

The Strategy Analytics Automotive Infotainment & Telematics service report, “Automotive Navigation Solution Providers Overview,” provides forecasts for hybrid navigation (built-in navigation software with cloud-based capabilities) as well as smartphone-enabled navigation; showing growth in both categories as automakers strive to strike a balance between giving vehicle owners use of the navigation apps they use on their mobile devices while simultaneously laying the groundwork for a future where autonomous vehicles will require hybrid navigation in order to communicate routing information and current location to vehicle occupants.

“In the short term, brought-in navigation applications that can be used via in-dash infotainment systems due to the widespread use automakers’ use of smartphone integration platforms, such as Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay, will lead to pressure on traditional navigation solution providers,” said Greg Basich, Senior Analyst with Strategy Analytics’ Automotive Infotainment & Telematics service. “Over the long run, however, there is still a definite need for built-in navigation with cloud-based capabilities as the industry moves toward a future where autonomous and shared vehicles are common.”

“Many traditional navigation solution providers are focused on developing predictive, contextually aware navigation solutions in order to enhance their current value proposition,” said Richard Robinson, Director of Strategy Analytics’ Automotive Infotainment & Telematics service. “They are also focused on developing a range of solutions for autonomous driving, though in the context of infotainment, the vision is for navigation that provides critical location, traffic condition, and routing information in both manual and autonomous driving modes.”

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