Tom Tom Go with Wi-Fi, Traffic, Bluetooth, Siri & Google Now

TomTomGOtextTomTom’s next-generation TomTom GO satnav is the most advanced they have offered. Wi-Fi alllows all updates to be automatic so no more wires or computers are needed. The real-time, super accurate, traffic information and Lifetime Services are a bonus at no additional cost. There’s even voice recognition using developed AI platforms like Siri for accurate responses.

The new TomTom GO satnavs read out text messages, allow hands-free calling, and are compatible with personal assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Now, or Microsoft’s Cortana. Hands-free calling is available using a Bluetooth Connection with a smartphone .Search for anything using voice, have the TomTom GO read out messages when they arrive or make and take calls via voice control.

The latest TomTom GO satnavs are able to learn a driver’s habits. That means they are able to predict a destination meaning the driver just gets in and goes. So for a regular commute everything will happen automatically including avoiding traffic from the outset. Plus, if the driver does come up to a tailback, or speed camera, the TomTom GO will sound an alert to enable you to slow down in time.

The updates, which take advantage of that new Wi-Fi feature, include Lifetime TomTom Traffic, Lifetime Maps and Lifetime Speed Camera alerts.

The TomTom GO devices come in four versions each with a sleek finish and super-fast quad-core processores. The top end TomTom GO 5200 and 6200, as the titles suggest, come in 5-inch and 6-inch vesions respectively and both feature SIMs for live updates. The more affordable TomTom GO 520 and 620, also in those two screen sizes, require a smartphone connection for live alerts on things like traffic and speed cameras.

The new TomTom GO satnavs will be available this month at selected retailers including Amazon.