Reasons why people want to buy cars on mobile & online

onlinebuyingPeople are wlling use smartphone to buy big ticket items such as cars and home. A survery conducted by Survata, revealed almost one third of people would consider buying a house or car directly from their mobile device.

Automotive buyers want more  online/mobile features from auto dealers:

  • 45% of consumers wish the industry would introduce free delivery.
  • 45% want free returns and.
  • 44% want fixed pricing.
  • 31% would like warranty selection
  • 31% would like price negotiation.
  • 27% want online service plan selection.
  • Even those buyers who weren’t keen on smartphones buyers said they would reconsider if they knew that there were significant savings involved:
    • 43 percent expected to save $2,000 dollars or more by purchasing a car on their smartphone versus going to the dealership.
    • 31 percent believed they would save three to four hours by conducting the transaction online.

Although people like the online and smartpnone buying process 86 percent of consumers stated that they still want to test-drive a car before purchase.

Men are amenable to the buying through mobile, with 41% of male respondents stating they would consider purchasing a big ticket item directly from their phone versus 21% of women.

Consumers that fell within income brackets of $150,000 or more would be more likely to transact online. Geographic location had no bearing on consumer perception, with people outside of tech specific cities stating that they too would be open to purchasing a big ticket item directly from their mobile device.

The survery polled 1185 consumers.

The survery was commission by online and app buying service startup Roadster who noted in a previous survery:

  • One out of two car buyers will consider a 100% online purchase of their next car.
  • Better prices and vehicle selection were the top reasons given for readiness to buy online.
  • 90% of car buyers dread some portion of the car buying process.
  • Price negotiation was the most dreaded part of the process, with time spent a close second.
  • A majority of consumers would pay a small fee for a concierge service, including home delivery and at-home paperwork.

Competitors TrueCar and offer online car buying features with certificates for price guarantees.

A similar study was conducted about online buying by Capgemini that show buying preference online and with devices.