New EWID ADAS warns drivers at intersections & starts autobraking

EarlywarningMarcus Automotive and Safer Technology Solutions (STS) developed the Early Warning Intersection Device (EWID)designed to eliminate intersection accidents. A multi-phase driver alert system brings driver awareness of an approaching intersection through audible and visual warnings in two phases and ultimately brakes the car allowing a safe stop.

Thomas Vanden Berg and sons, Scott and Doug Vanden Berg, invented the EWID.  Marcus Automotive led the commercialization of the device.

“We created this technology with the encouragement of my wife, Karen,” said Thomas Vanden Berg, president of STS.  “The daily reminder by memorials at intersections inspired the effort to reduce or eliminate such tragedies.”

How it works:

  • Passive information strips either embedded in or applied to the asphalt surface of the road communicate with the system in the car.
  • As the car approaches the Stop Sign, there are two alert stages: Stop Sign Approaching and Stop Now.
  • These alerts only activate if the car’s brakes have not been engaged by the driver.
  • The Stop Sign Approaching alert is a visual and verbal announcement.
  • The Stop Now alert is a visual and verbal warning with a 10 second delay to system initiated car braking in cars equipped with an auto braking feature.
  • The system engages the car brakes allowing a full stop.

The EWID technology is more reliable in severe weather than technologies involving cameras, lasers and radar and does not require GPS updates to recognize changing intersections and traffic patterns.

The Early Warning Intersection Device also alerts drivers to school zones and construction zones. Temporary road strips offer highway safety the ability to modify areas of concern in real time.

The EWID can be integrated into the car’s existing computer and safety system or installed after market, and requires zero change in driver behavior. Software updates would provide various ways to use the technology for safety and marketable options.

“This technology has the ability to save lives by changing the way we drive,” said Jon Marcus, President of Marcus Automotive.  “A strong OEM could create endless opportunities using the Early Warning Intersection Device.”

This is different than the EnLighten app that available for Android or iPhone users and receives signals from traffic lights in thef Walnut Creek, Portland, Utah, Las Vegas, Garland, and Arcadia. The apps also works via BMW  connected apps.