Wide Wave Positioning for robotic autonomous heavy construction equipment

unitedrentalsUnited Rentals and 5D Robotics, winner of the Telematics WestCoast pitches, will work together to use autonomous driving technology in United Rentals equipment operations.

5D Robotics, uses wide wave positioning technology that has been used military robotics. Positioning is important. GPS is not good enough to tell if car is in the left turn lane. 5D offers enhanced GPS with peer-to-peer, 2CM accuracy at 100Hz update rate. 5D combines ultra wide-band (UWB) positioning with robotic behaviors to provide reliable, safe and accurate autonomous vehicles or heavy equipment.

The 5D solution prevents collisions, enables multiple vehicles to follow a person or lead vehicle (“wagon-training”), and allows operators to create and modify autonomous paths throughout a facility. The 5D solution is much more accurate and reliable than GPS and can function in rain, dust, snow and fog.

David Bruemmer, 5D Robotics’ Co-Founder and CEO, believes that 5D has the best technology and team to take on this partnership. By adding cross-platform plug and play modules, 5D can provide autonomy and enhance safety across United Rentals’ fleet.

ZTR Control Systems and SiTech RTD are joining United Rentals and 5D Robotics in the development of the new systems and solutions that will be utilized by United Rentals.

5D Robotics, Inc., located in Carlsbad, California, is a leader in the development of technologies that provide extremely accurate position and navigation, as well as industry leading obstacle avoidance and guarded motion systems that work in any environment, including those without GPS. 5D’s technologies have been rigorously tested on over 30 robots and vehicles in military applications, and are now being adapted by numerous large commercial users.