GM, Toyota & Ford tops list of cars sales in November with Black Friday deals

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Black Friday is expected to put many car dealers in the black with lots of sales and discounts. Sales should be 8.3% more than October of this year and a 2.5% increase over November of last year. TrueCar estimates total new vehicle sales, including fleet deliveries, will reach 1,352,500 units in November, a 3.9 percent increase from a year ago

Black Friday used to be a slow time for auto sales, however in recent years, car dealers have joined other retailers to embrace Black Friday as a big sales driver. You can find the deals through search features.  Since 2010, November has delivered one of the three best SAARs in each year, and last year, Thanksgiving weekend accounted for twice as many sales as any other weekend in November. the trend is expected to continue this year.

To make sure buyers get a great deal on Black Friday, offers a price offer a promise certificate.’s  November 2015 new car sales forecast projects that 1,331,415 new cars and trucks will be sold in the U.S. in November for an estimated Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) of 18.3 million.

Both the volume and SAAR may be the biggest on record for the month of November, greater thant the 1,324,542 new cars sold in 2001 for a SAAR of 17.7 million.


Sales Volume November 2015
Change from
November 2014
Change from
October 2015
GM 231,035 225,816 262,993 2.3% -12.2%
Toyota 192,343 183,346 204,045 4.9% -5.7%
Ford 191,126 186,336 213,105 2.6% -10.3%
Chrysler Group 176,647 170,839 195,545 3.4% -9.7%
Honda 118,692 121,814 131,651 -2.6% -9.8%
Nissan 105,342 103,188 116,047 2.1% -9.2%
Hyundai/Kia 102,256 98,608 110,049 3.7% -7.1%
VW/Audi 41,284 48,246 48,087 -14.4% -14.1%
Industry 1,331,415 1,298,436 1,451,722 2.5% -8.3%

*NOTE: November 2015 had 23 selling days, November 2014 had 25 and October 2015 had 28.

The bad publicity for Volkswagen will lower sales. Edmunds projects that Volkswagen will continue to struggle as a result of its ongoing “Dieselgate” crisis. Edmunds forecasts that VW/Audi sales in November will be down 14.4 percent year over year, with VW brand sales alone falling 26.9 percent over the same period.