wejo free smartphone apps for fleets or rewards earners

fleet-screen-3wejo, a sponsor of Telematics West Coast announced , has launched a fleet the smart driving app for fleet use for free. It also recently launched wejo Rewards.

wejo Fleet

The wejo Fleet smartphone apps gives business insights into the driving behaviors of every employee who drives for work. wejo Fleet gives businesses data to identify high risk drivers and act to improve driving.

The app provides a mileage and journey history to enable drivers to keep track of business and personal mileage. It calculates an industry-standard driver score based on key data collected, as well as an overall rating for the fleet. It also gives drivers feedback on their driving to aid training and encourage safer driving.

Fleet managers can see the ‘health status’ of the fleet, including individual driver performance and collective data on the whole fleet. This data can be shared easily and quickly with other departments such as finance and HR for mileage claims and duty of care analysis.

Fleet managers can see a detailed list of the business journeys that a driver has made and a breakdown of the mileage tracked by the app.

The wejo Fleet app requires no external devices and is free to use for Android or iPhone iOS.  wejo uses typical GPS and commonly used mapping software to register journeys accurately and can be used independently or in conjunction with a fixed device solution.

wejo claims that its service ultimately, it also leads to cost savings on fuel, vehicle damage and insurance premiums.

wejo Rewards

wejo drivers who sign up using the wejo Reward app can ear rewards inlcuding a free , free parking, car rental discounts with Europcar and free ODEON cinema vouchers.

wejo Rewards is a free app that drivers can download onto their smartphones when they take out or renew a car insurance policy. The app provides feedback to users on how good their driving is.

Users can begin to receive rewards from the minute they download the app. However, the longer a customer stays, the higher the value of rewards they will collect – which could equate to significant savings.

wejo calculates a driving score based on factors such as braking, acceleration, speed, location and time of day. wejo’s aim is to lower the cost of motoring for all drivers by providing driving data that can be rewarded.

Rewards are delivered in the app and can be redeemed using a voucher code.

wejo has received $10m in private capital from fund managers and other investors.