New Mobility Design Winners from Michelin

winnergoogle_community_vehicle_02_sourceMichelin announced the winners of the global 2016 Michelin Challenge Design, “Mobility for All – Designing for the Next Frontier.

thumbs_bamboo_recumbent_01_sourceThe 14 winning designs from the 2016 entries were chosen from more than 875 registrants representing 68 countries. Over 15 years, Michelin Challenge Design has received a total of 8,268 entries from 121 countries.

Selected by the jury as the 2016 Michelin Challenge Design winners:

  • First place: Rajshekhar Dass, Abu Huraira Shaikh, Sunny Duseja, Joji Isaac, Saksham Karunakar and Tajeshwar Kaul of Pune, India, for design entry “Google Community Vehicle”.
  • Second place: Edgar Andres Sarmiento Garcia of Bogota, Colombia, for design entry “Arriero”.
  • Third place: WooSung Lee and Chan Yeop Jeong of Gyeongsan-si, South Korea, for design entry “Bamboo Recumbent”.

Other winners of the 2016 Michelin Challenge Design are (in alphabetical order):

  • Nathan Allen of Redding, Calif., for design entry “Stator Scooter”
  • M.Y. Alief Samboro and Agri Bisono of Malang, Indonesia, for design entry “LOGon”
  • Sergio Botero of Medellin, Colombia, for design entry “Capicua”
  • Nicholas Lee Dunderdale of the United Kingdom, for design entry “Panda”
  • Ryan Ebbers of Newmarket, Ontario, for design entry “DMine”
  • Mike Lai, Joe Wu and Johnny Li of Taipei, Taiwan, for design entry “M-Clinic”
  • Hung-Ju Lee of Taiwan, for design entry “Loxodon”
  • Conner Macfarlane and Collin Lafayette of Ore., and Danville, Calif., (respectively) for design entry “URRU”
  • Armando Mercado of Mexico City, Mexico, for design entry “Tire Assembly is Required”
  • Marin Myftiu, Hussain Almossawi and Huracan Motors of Tirana, Albania; Manama, Bahrain; and Venice, Italy (respectively), for design entry “Huracan City Rover”
  • Arkadiusz Stoklosa, Michal Maciukiewicz and Thomasz Kwolek of Tarnobrzeg, Krakow and Mielec, Poland (respectively), for design entry “Volkswagen Monsoon”

A representative designer from each of the three winning teams will be invited to attend the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) as guests of Michelin and will be recognized during Michelin’s annual private DESIGNER’S RECEPTION. Michelin will display the designs of all 14 winners at the 2016 NAIAS in Detroit in January. All members of each winning team are invited to join an exclusive online community restricted to Michelin Challenge Design winners and jurors.

2015 Michelin Challenge Design Jury:

  • Stewart Reed; Chair, Transportation Design Department, Art Center College of Design, Consultant and Jury Chairman, Michelin Challenge Design
  • Nick Malachowski, Design Manager, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Dave Marek, Acura Global Creative Director, Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
  • Rich Plavetich, General Manager, Design Business, Nissan Design America
  • Frank Saucedo, Director, General Motors Advanced Design Studio
  • Thomas Sycha, Design Manager, BMW Group Design, Europe
  • Freeman Thomas, Director, Strategic Design, Ford Motor Company