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Infiniti Q60 QX30 Virtual Reality dreams @ Pebble Beach

infinityvrInfiniti is partnering with TEN The Enthusiast Network during the 2015 Pebble Beach automotive week to showcase their design and performance with technology experiences. Guests will be able to experience the Infiniti Q60 concept via virtual reality on the spot and take home Google Cardboard VR viewers to

Through virtual reality, Infiniti gives driving enthusiasts the opportunity to feel what it’s like to take the wheel of two concept cars.

The “Dream Road” at the Infiniti Pavilion at Pebble Beach Concours Plaza transports guests to the driver’s seat of the Q60 Concept, shown earlier this year at the Detroit Auto show. Participants can virtually drive to Italy’s Stelvio Pass and the s Atlantic Ocean road in Norway. Infiniti worked with CXC Simulations and professional drivers to replicate the real-world physics of every bump, acceleration and turn of drive. The custom simulator recreates G-forces and tilt, providing a fully-immersive VR experience.

Infiniti executive design director Alfonso Albaisa will take guests on a guided tour of the design of the QX30 Concept in “From Pencil to Metal.” Beginning with the very first pencil sketches drawn in thin air, viewers will experience the QX30 Concept design story moving to CAD files, clay modeling and, lastly, the final model.

Guests visiting the Infiniti Pavilion will receive a free special edition Google Cardboard headset to views Infiniti Driver’s Seat VR mobile app and relive the full experiences at home.

“From Pencil to Metal” and “Dream Road” short films be featured in the first-ever YouTube 360 automotive advertising campaign — an industry first.