QNX demos future of connected car infotainment system platform

QNXdemoQNX is one of the most popular operating systems for in-car infotainment systems. When we last talked to Derek Kuhn, he said the software could reduce development time to a year and a half. In fact, Ford has chosen QNX for its SYNC 3 system of in-vehicle infotainment.

In the video that follows QNX shows what its software can do. When we were at CES they decked out a few different vehicles with examples of their new technology including side view mirrors with video and large screens with new informatory.

Sheridan Ethier, engineering development manager at QNX Software Systems shows elements of the infotainment system with multimedia, that is very fast. The QNX CAR Platform supports a variety of music formats and media sources either from the receiver, USB, iPod or Android smartphone. Music changes quickly while it synchs in the background for large storage systems.

The QNX CAR Platform offers voice recognition while keeping the driver’s hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Voice commands such as “Play song,” “Find Starbucks,””Find airport,” or “Navigate to 100 Maple Street,” all work while music is play.

Calling features such as “Call Tom” and “Dial 626 555-1111” work with the system.

The video also shows the flexibility of the QNX CAR Platform supporting several development platforms such as native C/C++, Qt, HTML5, and APK for running Android applications. The platform’s audio management is seen in the Pandora HTML5 app.

QNX allows for the ability to project smartphone screens and applications into the vehicle. The platform works with MirrorLink, so that users can access nearly all of the applications available on their smartphone right from the head unit.

QNX supports Bluetooth, wired network, Wi-Fi hotspots and Wi-Fi networks.

QNX supports last mode persistence, with the setting when the car starts the same as when it was turned off. So the song you were listening to when you turned the car off starts up at the same point when you turn the car back on. The software is fastboot with backup camera imaging showing in 0.8 seconds, less than the NHTSA-mandated 2 seconds.

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