Fiat 500e software update for “limp-in” mode

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Autos) recalled about 2013-2015 Fiat electric cars in the U.S. to upgrade the software due to a problem with losing power while driving due to a software problem with “limp-in” mode.  Fiat calls the 500e “Eco-Chic in the Modern World.”

There was an investigation after FCA received reports that some customers experienced power loss while driving. They are not aware of any related injuries or accidents, and drivers who experienced the condition were able to restart their vehicles.

Affected are certain Fiat 500e hatchbacks. The cars are equipped with software that induces “limp-in mode,” an EV feature that reduces propulsion as a precaution, if the vehicle detects a problem.

Engineers determined some of these vehicles are equipped with a software version that does not recognize limp-in mode. This may cause the vehicles to shut down completely.

Affected owners will be notified when they may schedule a free software upgrade, which will restore limp-in mode capability.

Fiat 500e sales have increased greatly, with discounts in the last few months. is showing prices  at $2,535 below MSRP.While is showing around $3,702 off the MSRP. There was buying frenzy last month when it was reported the Fiat 500e models were being leased for less than $100 month.