OpenCar infotainment platform opens @intlCES with Mazda Connect style & apps

opencarOpenCar is showing its OpenCar Connect framework at CES.  After three years of work, the framework has the core functions for automakers to build, test and deploy infotainment and telematics applications and Human Machine Interaction (HMI) features. Developers develop apps which are then skinned with the automakers design style.

OpenCar is used for the Mazda Connect infotainment system and displayed its wares at a GENIVI group reception.  OpenCar has app partners  Stitcher, Parkopedia, WCities, Glympse and others.

OpenCar has an easy-to-use  SDK that can utilize vehicle data without specialized knowledge of each vehicle’s CAN bus, ECUs, or automotive software stack.  OpenCar has IoT device connectivity enabling in-car and remote cameras, smartwatches, external sensors, home automation and monitoring infrastructure.

OpenCar offers

  • OpenCar Connect: the next-generation HTML5 application platform and toolset.
  • OpenCar SDK:  automaker-approved profiles and templates for a wide variety of App categories, including entertainment, music, social, news, traffic, weather, and more. Includes desktop IVI simulators and test frameworks.
  • OpenCar Telematics: standardized, secure access to automotive telematics data and systems, organized and simplified for App developers.

There is is also OpenCar InsideTrack, OpenCar App Certification and OpenCar App Lifecycle Analytics.

OpenCar’s unique framework separates application business logic, HMI and integration middleware, enabling the company’s software to be used to develop, validate and distribute new in-car applications within days or weeks, radically accelerating time to market for new software innovations.

Developers create automotive-grade Apps and features independently of the final HMI. Using the OpenCar Profile Development Kit (PDK), automakers capture the rules that define each of their model’s unique HMI to a profile.Profiles to automatically transform developer’s App logic to create consistent, safe user experiences.

  • After transformation, all Apps and features developed with OpenCar perform as OEM branded, native functions.

Software developers interested in learning more about using the OpenCar Software Development Kit should see

The name Mazda Connect is used in Japan, USA, Canada and Mexico. In other markets, the system is referred to as “MZD Connect.”

The Rivet Auto API, offers app platforms and car manufacturers a solution for delivering customized, targeted radio news to drivers. Rivet News Radio demonstrated  Rivet’s Embedded Integration using the Rivet Auto API with OpenCar and Visteon at CES.