Rearview Mirror Unit with LTE & Wi-Fi Hotspots coming from Pioneer

Pioneerrearviewmirror2Pioneer announced that it has developed a rearview mirror telematics unit with LTE that it claims will be first in the Japanese market to utilize cloud services. It appears this could be a great aftermarket technology for those who want to connect a rear view camera and GPS with Wi-Fi hotspots and use voice commands.

Pioneer has taken OnStar-like services, camera information, GPS, dash cam, front cross traffic alert, connections to rear camera, mic for voice activation and placed it in a 5″ LCD touch screen that doubles as rearview mirror.

4G LTE connections allow Voice-Activated Drive Agent Service and real-time information such as traffic,weather, news, and navigation functions.

It has a built-in front-view camera with wide-angle lens, which allows the unit to function as a dash cam that senses crossing lane or front vehicle movement and unsafe driving with a built-in sensor.

The unit use apps such as fleet management to use GPS, sensors and LTE connections. It is connected to a cloud-based infrastructure.

This product is planned for release this fiscal year. Prices have not been set yet. So far the only carrier to offer the service is NTT DOCOMO for ¥300/month about $2.75 a month.

The unit can be mounted  on the rearview mirror without being constrained by the dashboard shape or space.

Safe Driving Support Service provides the driver with alerts using images and audio if the vehicle moves out of the center of the lane or when the vehicle ahead starts moving.

Nissan is also developing a smart rear view mirror.