Sygic Nav, Dash Cam, HUD, Black Box & Honda in-dash Apps

sysgicaSygic is offering some interesting apps, services and features for smartpones including heads-up display, dash cam, black box, speedometer and GPS for Honda in-car infotainment systems. The maps are downloaded onto the phone, cutting down  on data usage.

Speedometer Dash Cam

Speedometer by Sygic’s Dash Cam  provides video evidence that users are unable to edit. Speedometer by Sygic will allow the police investigating the scene of traffic accidents to review the accident footage on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Currently only a Windows Phone version is available. Unlike the footage of other Dash Cams, the footage stored on the cloud cannot be tampered with and includes the date, GPS coordinates, and speed of the incident. The app uses the phone’s camera as a dash cam. Sygic is working on iPhone versions.

Heads-Up for cheap Heads-Up Display Projected from Phone to Windshield

Sygic Heads-Up Display projects the smartphone screen on the front windshield while the phone rests on the dash (9,99 €) .

Sygic Nav for Honda In-Dash Infotainment System

Sygic Car Navigation, the smartphone app designed for  In-Dash Receivers, is now available for 2014 Honda vehicles. Because the maps are stored on the smarpthone, users of Sygic GPS Navigation don’t have to worry about their cellular data or poor signal reception. The smartphone connects via USB.  Sygic’s navigation system, features voice guidance, turn-by-turn directions, traffic alerts, and well as offline map navigation software that synchs with the Honda’s infotainment touch screen.

Besides that Sygic GPS Navigation is the first navigation app with a built-in BlackBox that captures what’s happening on the road, even while you are navigating.

Sygic Car Navigation for Honda vehicles is already available on the iOS App Store for 79,99 € (89,99 USD). An app for Honda drivers with Android devices is coming soon. Honda Display Audio is available for 2014 vehicles. In order to use Sygic Car Navigation, App Launcher is needed in your iPhone: HondaLink App Launcher for Mexico and SmartphoneConnection for other countries.

Sygic Car Navigation and products are based on the Sygic GPS Navigation – the world’s most downloaded offline navigation application with more than 60 million users in 115 countries. The apps are considerably less expensive than buying a GPS system or in-car system, however, in-app purchases can add up. You do save on data.