Pandora gearing up for contextual ads in cars

The advertising industry is getting ready to learn how to offer contextual advertising in cars. In a video from AdAdge, Jack Krawczyk discusses Pandora advertising in cars. Pandora is expected to be in one-third of cars sold by the end of the year.

Jack Krawczyk reported that Pandora has seven million people access Pandora in cars. Pandora is looking at the context of the ad. An example is from data Pandora Knows that the car is on the road and about to exit to a fast food restaurant. Advertisers can drive messages for that time.

He talks about  the context of how people use Pandora in cars. Drivers are probably moving. Car service industries such as gas stations and food services will have an opportunity to advertise for something like a hybrid of road signs and audio ads combined. Audio can be a source of revenue, especially in the right context.

So far, there has been no successful large deployment of visual ads on car infotainment systems. Some contend that they will distract the driver. However audio with a large image may work for advertisers.