Verizon Wireless Offers $1M Prize for Connected Car Transport Programming & More

img_transportationVerizon is offering millions of dollars in prizes for innovators who propose the most innovative solutions to help develop and empower four core areas of Education, Healthcare, Sustainability, and Transportation. Entries for the Powerful Answers Award for 2014 will be accepted until June 30, 2014. First prize is $ 1million per category and two runners up receive $250,000 per category.

Area of Transportation

With Mobile Communications and Data Analysis technology advancements, Transportation problems can be more easily solved. Find solutions for the Smarter Automobile for safer, easier operation.

Can your Dashboard be smarter than your phone? How can you/your vehicle operate and communicate with the world around it to create safer, smarter solutions for transportation?

With an increasing global population, Urban Sprawl is creating traffic problems never before seen. How can technology and communications reduce traffic, waste and other hazardous conditions in Urban areas thus transforming them into cleaner more efficient habitats?

Connected devices, location based services, data analysis and other technology enablers can drastically improve the efficiencies of logistics and distribution. How can digital and mobile technologies better connect the physical world and help transport people/goods from point to point in the most efficient way possible?

The submissions will be judged by panels of industry experts, and winners will be announced in early 2015.

The contest is designed to spark innovative thinking and problem solving,  generating ideas, solutions. The award encourages innovators, developers, entrepreneurs and others to submit ideas that leverage Verizon’s  technology and help deliver  solutions and social good.

Enter contest.