Continental Brings 4G LTE to Cars in All Continents

continentalAutomotive supplier Continental announced its new high-speed Telematics module.

It offers 100 Mbps bandwidth where  the 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network standard is available. Integrated GPS/GLONASS, and WLAN are in the compact hardware module, making it possible for Continental’s LTE module can be used worldwide.

AUPEO! Streaming Music on Volkswagen via MirrorLink

aupeoAUPEO! announced its infotainment streaming radio service will be available for Volkswagen cars. Already available on Audi, the audio streaming platform works from smartphones to the in-dash infotainment center via MirrorLink.

Autonomous Driverless Connected Cars = App-rehenisve Worried Public?

sadfaceAccording to a recent study commissioned by Seapine Software, 88% of U.S. adults would be worried about riding in a driverless car.

The survey, showed that 79% of U.S. adults would worry that the equipment in a driverless car will fail, such as a braking software glitch or failed warning sensor that alerts the driver of danger.

Windows to Connect Cars with MirrorLink?

WindowscarMany cars run Windows CE or Windows Automotive, including BMW, Fiat, Ford, Kia, and Nissan. However recently, Ford opted for the QNX operating system from BlackBerry.

Microsoft is working on a head unit infotainment system that runs Windows. Windows Phone screens will display on the in-dash screen via MirrorLink. It was shown at the Windows Build Conference.

The system tries to cut down the “cognitive load,” keeping eyes on the screen less than 2 seconds, good screen sizing, end of small touch icons and most of the system running with voice activations from Microsoft’s Cortana system.

The cards on the screen are pinned with functions needed most like Windows Phone. Features include music playing, turn-by-turn directions by Nokia Here/BingMaps, voice search and text messages.

Some contend that because the system uses MirrorLink, it could be updated to older vehicles.

Connected car information starts at 31 minutes.

iPhone CarPlay Coming to Volvos Seen @ NY Auto Show

VolvoCarPlayAt the New York Auto Show, today, Volvo showed how Apple’s CarPlay will work in its vehicles.  The way CarPlay will operate in Volvo cars is that it is an alternative to the Volvo Sensus Connect interface.

When CarPlay is deployed by connecting an iPhone 5/5c/5S to the USB port via a Lightning connector, it will work with the Volvo steering-wheel-mounted controls and the 10″ touchscreen.  The voice-control button on the steering wheel of will launch Siri or the icon on the touchscreen can be tapped.

Europe to Top Telematics & New Value for Cellular Carriers

telematicsPyramid Research found that Europe will become the largest market in 2016, overtaking the US.

The study found Telematics is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing segments of the cellular machine-to-machine market. The total number of telematics M2M SIMs  reached 37m in 2013, representing about 4% of all passenger cars.

Pyramid estimates, M2M SIMs in passenger cars will grow to 12% by 2018, with telematics M2M SIMs contributing more than 20% of all M2M SIMs.