Hyundai Blue Link Goes Red (Verizon Wireless) Using Google Glass, Pandora or SoundHound

bluelinkgenesisdasHyundai Motors is going all out with their connected cars in 2014. Hyundai cars will be connected via Verizon Wireless Enterprise for safety security and infotainment features this year.

The new Blue Link System and Genesis Intelligent Assistant App add new features using the Internet, smartphone data and user input. Music recognition app SoundHound will be integrated into head units for Kia and Hyundai, too.

Hyundai’s Blue Link infotainment system will premiere with the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app that will let users control the car via an iOS or Android tablet or smarpthone. The new app combines information from smartphone calendars, weather and commuting information to make intelligent notifications.

The next-generation Blue Link has destination search by Google, HD Radio, as well as SoundHound and Pandora integration with smartphones.

Hyundai cars will also have  Assurance Connected Care powered by Blue Link.

For techheads the new Hyundai Genesis Intelligent Assistant app works with Google Glass, to start and turn off your car, lock and unlock the doors and preheat or cool the interior from the headset.

Genesis’ Blue Link accesses Google’s point-of-interest search, lets user find a business address and hours of operation or call it with a connected smartphone.

The Genesis Intelligent Assistant combines Blue Link with data from the vehicle, the owner’s smartphone and the internet, for weather and traffic conditions to estimate travel times or turn on the heater.

Genesis Intelligent Assistant and Blue Link features:

  • Departure reminder messages, culled commute times from the user’s current location to the destination using traffic and weather conditions.
  • Notifications of change in weather conditions.
  • Alerts of gas stations nearby.
  • Vehicle health status sent to user’s smartphone when the car need service.
  • Remote engine timer (1-10 min.), remote stop, remote climate control and remote defroster
  • Automatic collision notification.
  • Siri Eyes Free mode when an iPhone is paired to the system.
  • SOS emergency assistance via email or text messages and roadside assistance,
  • Monthly vehicle diagnostics reports and maintenance alerts.
  • The service is transferable to buyers of the Hyundai after the cars are sold.

Hyundai Motor Group, South Korea’s leading automobile manufacturing group, will embed the SoundHound music and sound recognition app directly into select Hyundai & Kia vehicles. This coming spring, drivers of these vehicles will be able to identify songs and access SoundHound features directly through their vehicle’s head unit without having to pull out their mobile phones.

SoundHound icon will be seen within the Hyundai/Kia touch screen-enabled head unit and sound is activated with one touch. The head unit screen will show information about the song, artist and recommendations based on the song result. The app tracks searches and registered, users can see histories across any device where SoundHound is connected.