Continental Brings 4G LTE to Cars in All Continents

continentalAutomotive supplier Continental announced its new high-speed Telematics module.

It offers 100 Mbps bandwidth where  the 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network standard is available. Integrated GPS/GLONASS, and WLAN are in the compact hardware module, making it possible for Continental’s LTE module can be used worldwide.

Telematics functions include?

  • Connecting a smartphone to the vehicle,
  • On- and off-board navigation
  • Safety and security services such as advanced automatic collision notification or remote diagnostics,
  • Premium assistance on the road,
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for rear seat entertainment
  • Business productivity and apps.

Continental has shipped over 25 million Telematics and connectivity products to date.

The new generation of LTE-capable Telematics units address multiple cellular technologies, including LTE, HSPA, EVDO, GSM, and CDMA. To facilitate worldwide use, the national frequency variants in the US, Europe, Russia, China, Brazil, and many other countries are supported.

The module also offers premium speech and hands-free technologies.

Consumer device connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

To interface with the vehicle, many automotive bus standards such as MOST, CAN, LIN, Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi are supported. With its increased processing power and configurable RAM and FLASH memory, the LTE module supports a wide range of applications.

This PCB holds the full chipset – including the application IC – plus RAM/FLASH and  measures no more than 35 x 40 millimeters.

 4G LTE Bandwidth is needed for the best real-time experience when using HTML 5 apps and dynamic content, on-line location-based services, low-latency Vehicle-to-X (V2X) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (V2I2V) communications,media streaming and map updates, as wells as personalized cloud services and mobile office connectivity.