iPhone CarPlay Coming to Volvos Seen @ NY Auto Show

VolvoCarPlayAt the New York Auto Show, today, Volvo showed how Apple’s CarPlay will work in its vehicles.  The way CarPlay will operate in Volvo cars is that it is an alternative to the Volvo Sensus Connect interface.

When CarPlay is deployed by connecting an iPhone 5/5c/5S to the USB port via a Lightning connector, it will work with the Volvo steering-wheel-mounted controls and the 10″ touchscreen.  The voice-control button on the steering wheel of will launch Siri or the icon on the touchscreen can be tapped.

CarPlay takes over the whole system when it is in use and Volvo Sensus’ maps, music and phone functions are paused.  However, when CarPlay is working, the car temperature and air conditioning/heating controls can still be accessed on the in-dash touchscreen.

The functions included in CarPlay are the Phone app, Music app, Maps and Messenger (for text and iMessages).  A built in feature is  that when a text message is received from someone in the contacts within address, the address will show up if CarPlay as a destination in maps. With Siri you can dictate message or add more destinations for mapping.

All data connections when CarPlay are deployed are through the iPhone itself.  However, those who want a separate data connection as well as Wi-Fi hotspots for Volvos will be able to buy AT&T LTE Single SIM access this summer in the US and Canada.

Sensus Connect is integrated with Pandora Internet Radio.

The all-new Volvo XC90 and upcoming Volvo models will have the CarPlay option. Volvo has been working on many types of connected car features such as magnets, real-time cloud road data and driver sensing. Volvo also created a system in which packages are delivered to the trunk of the Volvo while it is parked in a garage, the system is called “Roam Delivery.

Hyundai announced yesterday, that the Hyundai Sonata with 8″ touchscreen Audio Navigation will be available in late 2015. Both Volvo and Hyundai CarPlay control is through a touchscreen. In contrast, when CarPlay is deployed in the Mercedes-Benz, it will operated via knobs and buttons.

Alpine Electronics, claims that they will be the first aftermarket audio system manufacturer to deploy CarPlay this summer. The very next day, Pioneer Electronics announced that its NEX 2014 entertainment systems will be updated this summer to be able to be used with CarPlay.

Some safety experts believe that CarPlay is not safe to use while driving. Ferrari, Ford, BMW, Toyota and Chevrolet have committed to bringing CarPlay to their vehicles in the future.