Bosch heads up displays, telematics, data logs & more car tech @intlCES

BoschdashAt International CES, Bosch will demonstrate connected car tech features such as new control units, software, ADAS, head-up style displays and infotainment systems. The displays show important information either in the cockpit or make it appear like is on the road.

Bosch makes many components in connected cars, many of which will be on display.

Control Units Communicates and Stores Data

Bosch makes a connectivity control unit that connects to the in-car network with  a GMS module for communication and a GPS module. By 2016, Bosch predicts every new long-haul commercial vehicle in Europe and the United States to be offered with a networking solution.
Bosch Software Innovations offers a modular software suite. Bosch’s new telematics services offer an electronic logbook and a theft warning system.

New Displays on Display

Display-based instrument clusters project all of the instrument, navigation, and multimedia information into the driver’s field of vision. These style displays are already in the BMW i8 and the Audi TT.
Bosch will show a head-up display that projects the information on a small special plastic screen below the windshield that makes it look like it is  in front of the vehicle. Since 2014, the system has been installed in a variety of BMW models.

Infotainment Units and Updating

The mySPIN  head unit option integrates Android-based phones as well as iOS-based  there will also be demonstrations natural voice input and a navigation system that offers a proactive driving strategy based on real-time traffic info. Bosch subsidiary ESCRYPT is showcasing a solution for secure wireless software updates.

ADAS Hit the Vegas Strip

A demonstration vehicle feature the Bosch traffic jam assistant. The car can brake, accelerate, and steer within its lane completely independently, while the driver supervises.

Bosch offers camera systems that protect pedestrians. Cameras and automated systems can respond quicker to protect pedestrians, such devices will be required in all 2016 cars in Europe.

Visteon to demo new car tech at CES International 2015 with OTA updates

VisteocockpitVisteon will show new connected vehicle technologies and services at CES International,  January 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada simulating cockpits of the future.

Visteon will demonstrate Cloud-based live 4GLTE over-the-air connections that are designed to improve driving features. Visteon will demo autonomous driving through immersive simulators.

Car tech influences car buying decisions, especially safety, ADAS & ease of use

autotrderfeaturesAutoTrader in its 2014 In-Vehicle Technology Shopper Influence Study showed how vehicle technology influences car and truck buying decisions.

Vehicle owners give great priory to safety features over infotainment (84 percent). Blind spot detection and back-up cameras/sensors top the safety list.

Futuristic connected, intelligent and ADAS videos 2Day

HDvideostreamsIntelToday is a holiday in the United States, Columbus Day, when Columbus discovered America. We thought today would be a great day to discover new videos of interest to connected car fans.

Intel in the first promotional video shows how it developing security for “Intelligent Cars” that are step above connected cars.

Autonomous & connected cars come to CES International

250px-DieterZetscheIAA2009It seems like everyone wants to get into the connected car autonomous vehicle act.  The Consumer Electronics Association announced today that Dr. Dieter Zetsche from Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars will give a CES keynote about autonomous vehicle technology because cars are the ultimate mobile devices.  The keynote will also debut a new concept car on January 5.