Mullen Buys into Lawrence Hardge’s EVT to Improve Energy Management & Range

Mullen Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN) (“Mullen” or the “Company”), an emerging electric vehicle (“EV”) manufacturer, an emerging electric vehicle (“EV”) manufacturer, announces today a partnership with Global EV Technology, Inc. and EV Technologies, LLC. (collectively “EVT”), with initial development for improving energy management technology in electric vehicles for greater range and vehicle performance.

Under the newly formed entity, Mullen owns 51% and will consolidate the results of its operations in Mullen Automotive, Inc. Under the agreement between the parties, Global EV Technology will be contributing its technology and existing contracts to MAEO, and Mullen will provide capital, execution and commercialization to grow the business.

Both companies will be contributing and working together on known verified technology for improving existing vehicle performance and extending battery range. As this technology has immediate and key implications for electric vehicles, MAEO’s initial development is focused on improving Mullen’s lineup of commercial and consumer EVs.

The founder of Global EV Technology Inc., and chief scientific officer, Lawrence Hardge, is a successful life-long inventor with a storied career of over 30 yrs. Lawrence’s accomplishments include the following:

  • Holds over 120 intellectual prototypes as well as numerous patents and trademarks.
  • Inventor of Knock Out 360 Fire Extinguisher. One of the only extinguishers in the U.S. market that is UL approved for use in electric vehicle fires.
  • Featured in various magazines, including Barron’s.
  • Received Spirit Award from the Detroit City Council for providing Knock Out 360 Extinguishers to local residents.
  • Lifelong resident of his hometown, Vicksburg, Mississippi, with a dedicated focus on helping his community.
  • Provided scholarships to high school students who achieved honor roll status, who otherwise could not afford to attend college, as well as provided clothing, computers, housing, and utilities.
  • Honored by the town of Vicksburg for black history month.

In the late 90s, Lawrence was convicted of a state crime, which was ultimately expunged. Despite these challenges, Lawrence focused his energy and attention on his natural gift for inventions related to electrical equipment and batteries and has dedicated his career to bringing them to market.

“My partnership with Mullen is very important to help scale this energy technology and bring it to our existing and future customers,” said Hardge.

“Lawrence is a talented inventor, and we are excited to begin working with him on improving electric vehicle performance,” said David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive. “We are always looking for forward-thinking and ground-breaking technology opportunities and are pleased to partner with Global and EV Technologies.”