#CES2021 Day 1 Best Round-Up: Bridgestone, Eyeris, TI, Panasonic, MORAI, Mando, Blickfeld, Foresight & Splitvolt

There were several automotive announcements at CES today. The companies include Bridgestone, Eyeris, TI, Panasonic, MORAI, Mando, Blickfeld, Foresight, Splitvolt and AAM.

Bridgestone World

As part of the digital exhibition, Bridgestone World is an interactive city showcasing how Bridgestone innovations will power a more sustainable mobility future. Live online showcases and on-demand feature videos will also foster opportunities for collaboration with partners across the technology spectrum.

Eyeris Partners with TI

Eyeris Technologies, Inc., a world leader in vision AI for in-cabin sensing,  announced its collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI) on an industry-first in-cabin sensing AI solution, using TI’s Jacinto™ TDA4 processors and 2D RGB-IR image sensors, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. D3 Engineering designs products and integrates technologies from TI and Eyeris using its DesignCore® platform to show this advancedin-cabin monitoring solution for autonomous and highly automated vehicles. This fully integrated in-cabin sensing AI solution will be demonstratable to select customers.

Eyeris’ and TIs Collaboration Offers a Complete, Advanced In-Cabin Monitoring System

The TDA4 SoC processor enables efficient inference of the Eyeris deep neural network (DNN) portfolio from multiple RGB-IR cameras simultaneously. This complete in-cabin monitoring solution, integrated into the D3 Engineering DesignCore platform is designed for rugged, field-deployable and production-intent units. In addition, RGB-IR image sensors are quickly becoming an industry requirement because of their unique ability to accurately capture the in-cabin space under the widest range of lighting conditions.


(Panasonic Automotive), a tier one global automotive supplier, announces its first fully wireless Wi-Fi camera, offering convenience, durability, and increased ease for recreational hauling.

Panasonic’s new camera technology combines best-in-class video resolution, ruggedness, and connectivity to ease the burden of navigating trailer hook-ups, lane changes, positioning, and monitoring cargo for millions of recreational trailer and camper owners. The easy-to-use, adjustable camera delivers customizable views, notifications, and controls conveniently into the vehicle’s existing infotainment display via Wi-Fi.

Automotive) announced two variants of in-vehicle wireless charging technology (moving coil and static coil.)  Both of these variants will provide efficient in-vehicle charging that meet or exceed most current in-vehicle charging systems.  The average American owns ten connected devices per household and many of those devices travel with us in the vehicle on short or long trips.  As a result, the need for fast, efficient charging must also be readily accessible in a vehicle.  With customers utilizing apps, navigation and music that require constant power, the demand is high for having reliable in-vehicle sources for efficient charging of devices.  However, the majority of vehicle charging systems remain wired or tethered.  Panasonic Automotive’s wireless charging system aims to be a more accurate and more efficient way to charge – to be accessible in any vehicle without the hassle of first plugging in.

With 15W of charging power, Panasonic’s wireless technology has one of the fastest charging times in the industry and rivals that of wired / tethered systems .

Full Panasonic Sound of Music

Panasonic Automotive (Panasonic Automotive Systems of America), and Dolby Atmos Music announced a new proof of concept featuring immersive sound technology.  As a global leader in audio innovation, Panasonic collaborates with award-winning consumer audio brand, Klipsch®, to bring technology-driven sound performance into Panasonic’s in-vehicle premium branded audio offerings.  Klipsch® and Dolby Atmos Music are leading many of the innovative approaches to bringing Dolby Atmos music to the home, on-the-go and now, working with Panasonic Automotive to bring the Dolby Atmos experience to the road.  The proof-of-concept result is an impressive listening experience that features an immersive soundscape for the automotive cabin.

MORAI AV Simulation

MORAI’s autonomous vehicle (AV) simulation solution is being showcased at CES. By recreating roads, sensors, and even vehicles within a virtual 3D simulation environment, allows users to freely test how their algorithms and software will react to difficult or dangerous scenarios without risk to drivers or other vehicles. Simulation also grants full control of the scene to the test operator, enabling tests for drastic, diverse weather conditions and edge cases not commonly seen while driving.

One of the features to be highlighted at CES 2021 is data-based scenario creation, where pre-recorded traffic data for a specific region can be used to recreate a test scenario identical to the recorded data. Instead of relying on the user to create test cases manually, real-world data can be used directly to enhance scenario realism and accuracy.

Mando Freedom Mobility

Mando unveils its new vision based on safety and freedom, the “Freedom in Mobility”, at CES 2021.

Mando explains the details of “Freedom” they define, especially in terms of freedom in mobility such as “Space Freedom”, “Smart Delivery”, etc. Also, a future automotive solution, where a vehicle seamlessly communicates with a driver via an integrated module of “x-by-Wire” technology including Mando’s BbW (Brake-by-Wire) and SbW (Steer-by-Wire) all connected by the electric hyper-connectivity, will be introduced. The Smart Personal Mobility Module (SPM Module) connects people with micro-mobility. The SPM Module, as the world’s first chainless pedal-assisted system, provides the freedom to the design of micro mobility.

The autonomous driving technology of Mando has its priority on the safety of drivers. Mando, which develops / manufactures from detection sensor (camera, radar, etc.) to main controller (DCU: Domain control Unit) and control software, introduces the dual safety (redundant) control technology based on the “High Performance DCU” at this CES. This dual safety device is also applied to the brake and steering (driving system) component.

Blickfeld Two Level LiDAR

LiDAR manufacturer Blickfeld will unveil its automotive LiDAR products for the first time at digital CES 2021. After commercially launching the industrial LiDAR “Cube 1” in 2020, the Munich-based company is now presenting its automotive LiDAR suite consisting of a mid-range as well as a long-range sensor. Blickfeld is also introducing its MEMS Scanning Module 118 as a product.

The mid-range sensor, called Blickfeld Vision Mini, has very small dimensions that can be customized according to customer requirements. Example dimensions of 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm illustrate the 3D LiDAR sensor’s compactness, enabling it to be smartly and efficiently integrated into vehicles. By incorporating it into side mirrors, headlights, rear-view lamps, and the A, B, and C pillars, for example, a 360° surround-view is achieved. With a field of view of up to 107° and a range of up to 150 meters on vehicles, the sensor provides reliable data for automated and autonomous driving in urban traffic. The uniquely flexible product design enables the use of multiple sensors per vehicle at a low price. Thus, Blickfeld enables the surround-view that is crucial for automated urban traffic as well as robotic vehicles.

Complementing the Vision Mini, Blickfeld is also introducing a long-range LiDAR sensor for automotive applications, the Blickfeld Vision Plus. This sensor is designed for use at the front and rear of the vehicle and covers the detection of small objects at distances of up to 200 meters. Together Vision Mini and Vision Plus enable automation for level 2+ and upward.

Foresight Automatic Calibration Software

Foresight will present the latest developments to its proprietary automatic calibration software solution, designed to ensure that stereo cameras remain calibrated regardless of their configuration or position, to create accurate and continuous depth perception.
In addition, the Company will discuss how its unique solution enables separation of stereo cameras in order to allow flexible placement of cameras on the vehicle, increase the baseline between the cameras, and extend obstacle detection range with greater accuracy up to several hundred meters.

Splitvolt EV Chargers

Splitvolt will exhibit its family of electric vehicle products, including splitter switches, high-performance portable EV chargers, 240-volt extension cables and adapters.

In the virtual CES exhibit, the company will share informative new videos highlighting the compelling nature of the innovative Splitvolt Splitter Switch, as well as booklets detailing the many other EV charging products offered. There will be live chats with the show attendees and various options to answer questions and arrange virtual meetings with the Splitvolt.

AAM Develops Tech with Novance

American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc.  a leading global automotive supplier of driveline and metal forming technologies, and Suzhou Inovance Automotive Ltd. (Inovance Automotive), a leading provider of  automotive power electronics and powertrain systems in China, announced a technology development agreement that will accelerate the development and delivery of scalable, next-generation 3-in-1 electric drive systems, which integrates an inverter, electric motor and gearbox.

AAM and Inovance Automotive will focus on the advancement of highly integrated 3-in-1 electric drive systems leveraging the partners’ complimentary expertise in electric-propulsion technology. The collaboration will seek to enhance the power density, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the electric drive technology offered in the global NEV market.