More Road Trips this Summer: Check Trailer Towing Tips

– As the world adapts its summer travel plans, many Americans are turning to recreational vehicles and boats as new ways to get out while maintaining safe distances. In fact, 71 percent of Americans are more comfortable traveling by car than by air, according to a recent omnibus survey conducted by Nissan1. This percentage climbs to 85 percent for those age 65 and older.

Nearly half the survey respondents are also now more likely to take a vacation with a recreational vehicle, and one-third are now more likely to spend money on an RV or boat.

“As we emerge as a nation from the stay at home orders, it is clear that Americans want to get back outdoors,” said Craig Kirby, RV Industry Association president. “We are seeing more and more people turn to RVs as a way to continue to enjoy their summer vacations, while also adhering to social distancing, which will likely be around in some form for the foreseeable future.”

With increased interest in camping and boating this summer, 28 percent of Americans have intentions to buy or rent a vehicle capable of towing within the next three months. However, two-thirds of respondents have no experience towing and nearly three out of four have some level of concern with towing.

“Towing can be intimidating for first-timers and even those with experience,” said Jared Haslam, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America. “Before hitting the road, it’s important to do your homework and understand what your vehicle is capble of – and, just as importantly, understand that with the right vehicle and a bit of practice, you have all the tools necessary to pull off a dream vacation on wheels.”

Ensure your trailer and vehicle are a match.

Check all fluids especially oil in coolant levels.

Maintain correct tire pressure for tow vehicle and trailer.

Be sure to have the proper jacks and lug wrenches.

Check and lubricate trailer wheel bearings.

Ensure you have the proper hitch.

Be sure the safety chains are connected and properly crossed and not in danger of dragging on the ground.

Connect your trailer wiring.

Alwayscheck trailer lights are functioning properly properly.