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ITS America Washington News Today

There is news from ITS America about C-V2X, Iteris and Danlaw

Applied Information and Commsignia C-V2X

Applied Information, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure technology, and Commsignia today announced live demonstrations of C-V2X infrastructure communications between traffic signals and vehicles traveling along New York Ave. in Washington, D.C. The demonstration took place during the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) of America annual meeting held this week

Six consecutive traffic signals along the avenue are equipped with Applied Information Glance™ AI-500-085 devices providing network connectivity and signal phase and timing (SPaT) data to the Commsignia ITS-RS4-D V2X roadside units (RSUs). Vehicles for the demonstration utilized the TravelSafely™ smartphone application, which displayed the C-V2X messaging. The RSUs and Commsignia ITS-OB4-D onboard units (OBU) feature the Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X Platform from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. The messages displayed included red light running and a ‘get ready for green’ notice.

Iteris Intro ClearGuide

Iteris, Inc.  the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, today announced that it has launched a new transportation analytics solution, Iteris ClearGuide™, at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America’s Annual Conference and Expo in Washington, DC.

The state-of-the-art mobility intelligence platform is designed to help transportation agencies achieve safer, more efficient mobility for their networks.

ClearGuide represents the culmination of Iteris’ more than two decades of experience deploying analytics-driven mobility solutions. The modern, flexible and scalable platform enables transportation agencies and commercial entities, such as construction and engineering firms, to actively monitor traffic congestion, and identify anomalies and their causes. Using ClearGuide, transportation agencies, in particular, will have the knowledge to allocate budget and resources, and generate the best economic return on transportation investments. ClearGuide is designed to ingest large amounts of complex data from sensors, IoT devices, and third-party providers, as well as a wide array of emerging data from sources including connected vehicles. ClearGuide users are presented with real-time and historical analytics to support operational and planning decisions.

“I am thrilled to announce Iteris’ launch of the most powerful transportation analytics platform available,” said Ramin Massoumi, senior vice president and general manager, Transportation Systems at Iteris. “With Iteris ClearGuide, transportation agencies of any size can optimize their mobility operations using real-time, historical and contextual transportation analytics to identify problem areas and their root causes, and ultimately improve safety and mobility for all road users.”

Early-access customers are already seeing the benefits of ClearGuide’s powerful features in extensive deployments, including Transport Canada, which uses ClearGuide nationwide. Additionally, all existing iPeMS customers will be migrated to ClearGuide.

Danlaw V2X

Danlaw, Inc., a global leader in connected vehicle technology, is demonstrating the powerful safety applications of its latest V2X solution at ITS America’s 28th Annual Meeting in Washington DC. Danlaw collaborated with Code 3, a leading provider of light and sound solutions for emergency vehicles, to develop the industry’s first fully integrated V2X system for emergency and utility vehicles. The joint demo will feature a V2X-equipped police vehicle which illustrates the importance of traffic signal preemption in emergency situations.

In partnership with Code 3, Danlaw has leveraged its extensive experience to design the industry’s first emergency vehicle lighting module with a fully integrated V2X antenna. The antenna connects to Danlaw’s AutoLink Onboard Unit (OBU), which is integrated with Code 3’s emergency vehicle system to provide first responders with 360-degree vehicle awareness and safety insight. By simply switching on the vehicle’s emergency lights and siren, the V2X system will communicate with a roadside equipment to request traffic light preemption. This feature will temporarily stop cross-traffic so that first responders can quickly maneuver through intersections that may otherwise be congested. Our system is designed to improve safety on the road, reduce emergency response times, and save lives.

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