Okay Google VZW Hum Gets Google Assistant

Hum by Verizon, an all-in-one connected car solution that gives users vehicle location, diagnostics, emergency roadside assistance, trip history and more, will be the first 4G LTE connected car solution that has the Google Assistant built in.

With a simple tap on the HumX speaker’s call button, you can access the Google Assistant. With the Google Assistant built in, HumX users will be able to manage tasks and get answers to questions hands-free while on the road.

What’s more, because Hum works with the Google Assistant, users will be able to use any Google Assistant device, such as a smartphone, tablet, Google Home or HumX, to perform Hum-specific actions, such as locate a vehicle, access trip history, set a speed alert, or get fuel status. Once a customer links their Google account with their Hum account, these Hum Actions and more will be available for HumX and Hum+ customers alike through the Google Assistant.

“More than ever, we’re empowering drivers with information they need for the road ahead,” said Michael Maddux, vice president of product for Verizon Connect. “Using the Google Assistant, Hum customers can ask about their car’s location, fuel level or about any of the day’s priorities, such as how long it will take to get to work or what’s on their calendar.”

HumX with the Google Assistant will be available at Verizon Wireless retail stores and through hum.com in the first quarter of 2019. Customers who already own the second generation of HumX will receive an over-the-air update that will automatically add the Google Assistant to their Hum device.

For more information and a demonstration of Hum with the Google Assistant, please visit Hum by Verizon today (Monday, Jan. 7) at Digital Experience (Pepcom) at the Mirage Hotel from 7 PM to 10:30 PM Pacific Time.

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