How to Stuff a Tiguan with 6,195 Boxes of Stuffing

Cubic space is important for cars and turkey stuffing. In case you are wondering—it would take a lot of boxed stuffing to stuff a Volkswagen Tiguan. Please do not try this at home because after a while the stuffing will dry out like paste be very difficult to clean up.

Using a popular brand’s 6 oz. box of stuffing mix, a team from Volkswagen cooked it according to directions and used a fork to fluff it for presentation. Once cooked, the stuffing was 0.02 cubic feet in size. It should be noted there may be variations in stuffing volume, depending on how much one fluffs their stuff.

Preparing 600 boxes of stuffing would give you enough side dish to fill the Tiguan’s 12 cubic feet of rear cargo space, but no one would want to sit in the third-row seats without a hooded rain poncho or other protection.
That 12 cubic feet of stuffing weighs in at 534 pounds, almost half of the Tiguan SE’s available payload.
Folding down seats and removing the rear passengers increases cargo space to 65.7 cubic feet and adds room for another 2,685 boxes of cooked and fluffed stuffing. Obviously, you wouldn’t move the vehicle because the dense weight of that additional stuffing pushes the cargo to more than 1700 pounds over the SUV’s payload rating.
It takes a whopping 6,195 boxes of cooked stuffing to fill the Tiguan’s complete 123.9 cubic feet of interior space. However, the 5,514 pounds of weight could dangerously impact the struts, coil springs, dampers, chassis, and so please don’t try it on your Tiguan….