CES Innovation Awards in Automotive

CES announced Best of Innovations award winners. Winners include InnovizOne, McNally’s ClearDryve and Zümi RoboCar.

Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology

InnovizOne Auto-Grade LiDAR and Computer Vision SoftwareInnovizOne auto-grade LiDAR and Computer Vision software enables the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles by providing high-performance, low-cost 3D vision and the software to turn that vision into actionable driving insights. InnovizOne™  is a built-in, automotive-grade LiDAR, delivering a comprehensive mass-market solution. InnovizOne is designed for seamless and easy integration into any vehicle.

Innoviz’s LiDAR solution offers unique solid-state, MEMS-based design, providing the superior depth perception necessary for Levels 3 – 5 of autonomous driving. Combined, InnovizOne and Innoviz’s Computer Vision software deliver a complete software stack for autonomous vehicles, turning the LiDAR’s superior data and 3D point cloud into meaningful driving decisions through industry-leading object detection, classification, tracking, lane marking, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) software and more – all while meeting or exceeding the stringent requirements of OEMs and technology companies.

Magneti Marelli Smart Corners

Magneti Marelli has been named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Smart Corner which integrates sensors for autonomous driving within vehicle headlamps and tail lamps, while maintaining attractive styling and world-class lighting performance.

Smart Corner provides a flexible platform to incorporate sensing technology required by the OEM, and is designed to meet all sensor functions to enable Level 1-5 autonomous driving. Smart Corner minimizes the requirement for separate packaging, wire routing, connectors, and projections on the exterior of the vehicle, saving OEMs money and weight.


Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative cross-industry effort developing an open platform for the connected car, today announced that it has been named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Unified Code Base (UCB) platform. As an open source project hosted at The Linux Foundation, AGL is bringing together automakers, suppliers and technology companies to accelerate the development and adoption of a fully open software stack for all technology in the vehicle.

Developed through a joint effort by dozens of member companies, the AGL Unified Code Base (UCB) is an open source software platform for infotainment, telematics and instrument cluster applications. Sharing a single software platform across the industry reduces fragmentation and accelerates time-to-market by encouraging the growth of a global ecosystem of developers and application providers that can build a product once and have it work for multiple automakers.

ClearDryve Headphones for Drivers

McNally’s ClearDryve 200 a 2019 Innovation Award Honoree in the highly competitive “Headphones” category. Built for professional drivers, ClearDryve 200 is a premium 2-in-1 noise-cancelling headphone pair that converts into a mono headset.

Innovation Award recognition is given to an elite group of products that have scored highly across a variety of criteria that reflect outstanding.

Unique to the professional driving market, ClearDryve 200 is flexible, providing drivers with a hard-working headset for making and receiving calls while on the road, and an ultra-high-fidelity pair of headphones for relaxing after the day’s drive. Rand McNally worked closely with its professional driver customer base in developing ClearDryve 200.

ClearDryve’s active noise cancellation eliminates the need to “crank up the volume” by cancelling out ambient noise.

ClearDryve’s signal processing removes more than 90% of noise reaching the microphone so those on the other end of the call hear you – not your cab.

Robotics and Drones

Zümi RoboCar

Zümi RoboCar is a friendly and approachable robot that makes the exciting world of artificial intelligence and self-driving cars accessible to everyone.

The CES Innovation Awards are sponsored by the CTA, which hosts the global Consumer Electronics Show each year in Las Vegas. The group has recognized achievements in product design and engineering for more than 50 years.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Cinemo, a global leader in high performance and automotive grade multimedia playback, streaming, media management, connectivity and cloud middleware, was naemd named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree for Cinemo Projection Plus – Rear-Seat Entertainment.

Cinemo Projection Plus is the world’s first solution to extend Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto projection technologies to an advanced rear-seat entertainment experience. By using Cinemo Projection Plus, car users can project their mobile phones into the car’s head unit and then control and distribute multimedia content to rear seat tablets, creating a truly unique rear-seat entertainment system on its own. Providing such a powerful entertainment extension is achieved by using Cinemo’s award winning Distributed Playback™ and Media Management™ technology alongside the projection technologies.

French startup DRUST, creators of “Superdrive,” a cloud-based and driver-centric software solution that transforms automotive data into real-time prevention advice to improve driver behavior, was selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category.

Superdrive is the first human-centric software solution designed to make roads safer, by using AI to engage and empower drivers. UX and UI are optimized to comply with the limited cognitive ability of a driver by mitigating pre-trip recommendations with live coaching feedback and post-trip analysis. The Superdrive alerts are designed to extend human capabilities while avoiding heavy mental load by adapting formats and frequencies to the context

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