Vinli Morphs into New Era of Auto Data Intelligence Sans OBD’s

Era a new product from the four-year old Vinli is a data intelligence platform in the automotive industry. The company will no longer sell OBD device directly to consumers.

Era enables the prediction of future events by automatically discovering behavioral models through the  ingestion of data without the need for an expensive army of data scientists. Era employs advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to simplify our understanding of the world around us. Era, at its core, is a data intelligence engine that enables our partners to predict the future and act on it now. Predictive services range from forecasting when things will go wrong with a car, to predicting the last mile. By utilizing Era, partners can facilitate on-demand services and ensure that maintenance related issues are minimized for their drivers – all while enabling a richer engagement experience with their brand.

Era is partner with ALD Automotive, one of the world’s largest vehicle leasing companies. Together, they plan on harnessing the power of data-intelligence to create a world-class consumer and enterprise offering in over 42 countries.

Previously Vinli announced distributors: Meineke Car Care, a chain of car maintenance and repair shops, and Cox Automotive, a distributor to 40,000.

Vinli, Inc., a connected car platform with OBD port device with apps announced Vinli Home Connect that brings compatible connected home platforms together into one interface with the connected car. The home devices know when the Vinli-connected car is close to turn-on the lights, A/C, heat, music or coffee pot. The company also makes the cloud-based smart dashboard Vinli Carport.

Uber and Vinli are teamed up to offer free, unlimited in-car WiFi to Uber passengers during the week of CES in 2016.

In a June 2015 new release Vinli was described as an OBD-II port device with connected car data services that offers Wi-Fi hotspots. Vinli provides car diagnostics, vehicle tracking, teen driver monitoring, maintenance reminders, road side assistance, home automation and an App Store with SmartThings, Dash, MileIQ, ParkHub, SafeDrive, and Flo.