StarLink eConnect improves stolen vehicle recovery rates with unique jamming mitigation technique and location networking capabilities

ERM Advanced Telematics, a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of vehicle tracking and security devices, announced today that the company has introduced to the market its StarLink eConnect device, an innovative vehicle tracking device with unique jamming mitigation and location networking capabilities.

Today, many car thieves no longer rely on forcefully removing vehicle tracking devices during the act of stealing a vehicle and have learned to bypass the location tracking capacities of standard vehicle tracking devices with readily-available and inexpensive jamming devices that interfere with the GPS/GSM radio frequency signals transmitted by vehicle tracking devices.

StarLink eConnect enables a unique anti-theft solution that counters these recent tactics commonly used by car thieves. StarLink eConnect is based on ERM’s powerful vehicle tracking device family and includes an add-on patented technology for jamming mitigation and location networking. These jamming mitigation capabilities are able to identify when the location signal of the vehicle tracking device is being interfered with by a jamming device.

If and when a StarLink eConnect device identifies that its location signal is being interfered with, the device begins to transmit alerts along with location and time stamp information over a dedicated open frequency. These alerts are then rebroadcasted by other StarLink eConnect devices installed on additional vehicles in the vicinity. These alerts are trackable in real-time and provide a Stolen Vehicle Recovery service provider an improved indication of the location of a stolen vehicle.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that in the United States the total value of motor vehicle thefts exceed $4.5b in 2014, while only just over half of the locally stolen vehicles were recovered.

ERM has already successfully deployed pilot implementations of StarLink eConnect at a number of Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) service provider customers in South America and Israel.

In order to extend the coverage range, individual StarLink eConnectdevices can be installed in public locations, such as major intersections in areas where car thefts are common or on dedicated patrol vehicles, to further improve tracking and stolen vehicle recovery rates.


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