Connected Car News: Tesla, Green Hills, u-blox, Uber, Faraday Future, DENSO & SEEVA

In connected car news this week were Tesla, Green Hills Software, u-blox, Faraday Future, DENSO, SEEVA, ClipperCreek, Faurecia and ARA.

Best a’ Tesla

Besides the crash and quality issues with the Tesla 3.

Tesla invited New Yorkers to an event to see its vehicles, foreshadowing a political push .

“During the event, you will have the exclusive opportunity to view Model 3 on display, explore Model S and Model X, and learn about our legislative efforts to expand Tesla’s presence in New York. Product experts will be available to answer any questions and share the latest Tesla products and updates.” stated the email invite.

Tesla only has 5 dealerships in New York and would like to increase the number to 20 stores.

Green Hills Software Integrates with u-blox

Green Hills Software, the global leader in high-assurance real-time operating systems and virtualization, has announced the integration of u-blox automotive connectivity and positioning technology with the Green Hills Platform for Secure Connected Car. The Green Hills INTEGRITY real-time operating system and Multivisor secure virtualization provide the trusted software foundation and impenetrable partitions to securely and safely combine Linux-based connected car services with critical application and vehicle bus services utilizing u-blox portfolio of connectivity modules – all in a single Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The Platform uniquely enables vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to safely leverage open-source software while providing unmatched system flexibility, scalability and performance without compromising system safety or security when executing critical applications like remote vehicle monitoring & control, electric vehicle management and regulatory reporting, eCall / bCall, telematics services and ADAS data.

Industry experts expect a quarter of a billion connected cars on the road in two years. The connected car’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU), commonly called a “shark fin,” must possess absolute embedded device security to confidently manage both general and vehicle / life critical data:

Sleepy Uber Drivers Warned

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) and Uber announced a partnership to provide sleep health education and awareness for Uber’s driver-partners and riders.

Uber recently took another step toward improving driver and passenger safety with the launch of a feature to its app that counts time and prompts drivers to go offline for 6 straight hours after a total of 12 hours of driving time.

The NSF and Uber program will provide sleep health messages to both people who ride and drive with Uber.

Faraday’s Future in Gardena

Faraday Future (FF) on Wednesday, offered its first Global Supplier Summit at its headquarter in Gardena, California.  Nearly 200 representatives from more than 100 global suppliers joined this two-day event, a crucial gateway to achieving the first delivery of its flagship FF 91 by the end of 2018.

Faraday Future’s Global Supplier Summit aims to reinforce the relationship between FF and its key suppliers. Participants include Bosch, LG Chem, Fuji Technical & Miyazu, Velodyne, Ricardo, and Fanuc among others.

The executive team gave a comprehensive overview of FF’s global strategy, vision, business plan and project updates. Additionally, suppliers were able to view the research and development center and held meetings with key department leaders and various business units.


DENSO Corporation announced that it has taken an equity stake in CREATIONLINE, Inc., which excels at deploying and integrating cloud and other technologies that enable next-generation software development, including open source software.

CREATIONLINE is one of few companies in Japan with a strong track record developing technologies using an open source and agile software development approach*1, both crucial for future connected vehicles.

SEEVA Raised $2 Million

SEEVA, the company designing visibility systems for mobility, today announced it has raised $2 million in seed funding to grow the SEEVA team and continue developing product solutions for mobility. SEEVA’s seed round includes support from Trucks VC, Dynamo VC, Expansion VC, Haystack VC and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund.


ClipperCreek, Inc. recently released the CP-50, a tool for the installation and maintenance of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The CP-50 is a compact and reliable hand-held testing tool designed for installers, technicians and facilities maintenance personnel. It is offered at just $250.
> The CP-50 can function as a stand-alone device or in combination with a DVM (Digital Volt Meter) and/or oscilloscope to verify operations and perform advanced troubleshooting on an EVSE or vehicle charging issue. The CP-50 is designed for use with ClipperCreek EVSE, and should be compatible with all other makes and models of Level 1 and Level 2 EVSE on the market.

Faurecia Production in MO

Faurecia, a leading Automotive technology company developing solutions for sustainable mobility and smart life on board, announced plans today to open a new Interiors production facility in Blue Springs, Missouri.

The new facility will create more than 300 new jobs and officially begin production activity later this year, ramping up to full production by the end of 2020. Upon completion, total investment is expected to be in excess of $60 million for the approximately 250,000 square foot plant.


The Michigan State University Foundation announced today that Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA), a scientific and engineering research company headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, has opened an innovation center within the University Corporate Research Park, just south of Michigan State University’s (MSU) campus. Over the next several years, the company will be ramping up its expansion, marking the beginning of its research partnership with MSU’s College of Engineering.

ARA provides specialized research and technology services, as well as testing and product development in the fields of health, science, and engineering. The company also provides innovative engineering services and products for alternative fuels.

A leader in autonomous vehicle research, the work being done by MSU scientists and students will one day make self-driving vehicles ubiquitous. ARA comes to Lansing to begin conducting its work with MSU’s College of Engineering, advancing the exploration in the key areas of object recognition, data fusion, control systems, and artificial intelligence.


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