Most connected car with sharing button sells directly in 2017 in China

lynkcointeriorChinese companies such as LeECO and now Geely want to get into the world connected car market. The video claims it so connected it has a “share button” allowing owners to share their cars through a smartphone app. The styling looks like its a Chinese knock of of Volvo.

LYNK & CO is the new global car brand addressing the needs and preferences of a global connected generation and challenging car industry conventions. Its products are designed and engineered in Sweden and will be sold globally, starting with the a tech-laden SUV the 01 in China in 2017 followed by Europe and the U.S.


The Geely Auto Group brand, designed and engineered in Sweden. All models will feature electrified powertrains. The company claims that full mobile connectivity as standard – working in partnership with Ericsson, and exploring unique routes to market with Alibaba and Microsoft.

The news release claims it is thee most connected car to date, built around an open API and inviting developers’ creative ideas to enrich the automotive experience.

LYNK & CO replaces traditional ‘trim levels’ with simple selection of fully equipped fixed-price collections, drawing inspiration from fashion and technology sectors.

It’s following in the direct sales path of Telsa,o ffering a new route to market, with direct interaction between manufacturer and consumer, personalized services and hassle-free ownership at the most competitive price point.

The vehicles are based on Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), shared with Volvo.

LYNK & CO is a brand from Geely Auto Group, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group – the owner of Volvo Cars and London Taxi Company. Geely Auto Group is one of China’s largest car manufacturers.