Why Apple CarPlay will have new features in iOS 9.+-10

WWDCimageCarPlay has been criticized for not doing enough. We expect it do even more after the WWDC starting June 13.  Apple is good at is not leaking announcements, however there are hints from different publications, sighting and suppliers

Apple announced that “WWDC 2016 is going to be a landmark event for developers who are coding in Swift, and building apps and products for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS. We can’t wait for everyone to join us — in San Francisco or through the live stream.”

There haven’t been many leaks, but there are some suggestions on what we can expect from Apple and cars. Although it is more than likely true that Apple is working on a car, an introduction of a full car would be too soon. Therefore, the announcements regarding cars will most likely be around CarPlay which reviewers found to be excellent at basic functions.

One rumor that seems possible is that there will be some kind of enhancement to maps. Some suggest Apple may introduce street view to maps.

Some suggest that Apple may deploy its OS to cars, mmmmm. If not cars maybe just the head units. However, because Apple charges such large fees for licensing we don’t think most automakers would pay for the service, yet.

Hello New CarPlay Features

Here are the hello’s that give the most clues for cars.

“Hello other side of the street”- maybe a way to view maps from different angles, such as pitch/zoom or it could be street view because cars with the Apple logo have been seen with cameras.

“Hello driver as fast as you can” – this one may mean real-time traffic updates and ways of routing cars faster. Since Apple is known to use TomTom data and TomTom just announced TomTom Jam Ahead Warnings that visually and audibly alert drivers to rapidly slowing, or stationary, traffic on the highway ahead and speed camera ahead notices. Jam Ahead  could be coming to iOS.  Driver as fast as you can could also be software driver.

“Hello rain in five minutes” suggests that weather forecast may be available in real-time.

In the past, beta testers saw connections for Wi-Fi for CarPlay, this feature should be announced soon because Google announced Wi-Fi connections for Android Auto.

Android Auto will also be available straight from smartphones. If Apple follows suit then it would be available on phones themselves. CarPlay currently has a 7″ inch screen as a minimun requirement. On an iPhone 5 size phone it’s too small for use while driving. However the ability to use an iPad mini or iPad would be nice. There is a problem because iPhone and iPad screen can’t handle the heat in cars which could cause problem.

Trademark Working

workswithCarPlayApple was granted a trademark #4,969,782  for “Works with CarPlay.” Which leads us to wonder what works with CarPlay, it could car infotainment systems and what else?

“Computer peripheral devices; computer hardware; car audio apparatus, namely, radio receivers, audio receivers, stereo receivers, and devices for hands-free use of mobile phones; global positioning system (GPS) devices; computer software, namely, computer software used for the control of communication devices by voice command, and computer operating software allowing a motor vehicle driver to operate the telephone, messaging, navigation, and audio player functions of a mobile device using vehicle controls; global positioning system (GPS) computer software; computer software for providing information in the fields of travel and tourism, travel planning, navigation, travel route planning, geographic locations, destinations, transportation and traffic information, and for providing driving and walking directions, customized mapping of locations, street atlas information, electronic map display, and destination information. FIRST USE: 20140722. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20140722”

Bluetooth Blues

Since the release of iOS 8.0 there have been Bluetooth problems with Apple iPhones and cars, making both Apple and the automakers look bad. Wi-Fi connections or even USB cable connections are easier to implement, thus we’ll see Apple pushing CarPlay out to as many automakers as possible.

Siri is Serious About Helping You in CarPlay

Since CarPlay relies on Siri features, we also need to look at  the Siri rumors.

Siri is expected to be smarter and understand language better.

Siri could be able to say a programmed message to people when the call such as why you can’t answer the phone and turn voice messages into text. It is also rumored that third party developers could be allowed to program for Siri. Some are hoping that Google Maps will work with Siri.

When Can We Expect More CarPlay Features

Finally, like in previous years, the new iOS 10 will be pushed out in the fall. Our only concern is that as CarPlay gets more advanced, it may not work as well on iPhone 5 models. In recent tests there was a noticeable difference between CarPlay on iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6S. We hope that iOS 10 will support iPhone 5, if it doesn’t there will be many people who will be disappointed.

The keynote address is on Monday June 13, we’ll know more then.

The good news about CarPlay is that it is simple, intuitive and it works. Read CarPlay Review at GearBrain.

What do you think will be included in the WWDC CarPlay announcements?  Please post your opionions in the comments below.