MWC Connected Car Tech Day 2: AT&T, Ford, BMW, Visteon & Renault Nissan 1st Autonmous Car

It seems like every tech trade show this year is has connected car tech announcements and demos. It started with CES in January, Mobile World Congress exhibitors made announcements, yesterday and there are more, today.

AT&T announced 4G LTE for all 2016 Audis and new apps. Ford is showing Ford-charged e-Bikes and a new EV app.  BMW is showing a cellular repeater that connects all devices in a car. Visteon is showing off multicasting, wireless gateway and SmartCore. Finally, Renault Nissan Alliance’s CEO takes on Apple and says that the company will produce the first autonomous car for in-traffic-jam driving in 2016.

AT&T 4G LTE 4 All 2016 Audis

audiattAT&T and Audi of America announced an agreement  in which all 2016 models with Audi connect will be delivered to customers with an AT&T SIM card with AT&T wireless access that can be added to a customers Mobile Share plan.

The new 2016 A6, A7, and TT models Audi connect offers up-to-the-minute traffic information, semi-dynamic route guidance, over the air map updates, and internet radio.

Connected models Audi Models include:  A3, S3, Q3, A4, S4, allroad, A5, S5, Q5, SQ5, A6, S6, A7, S7, RS7, TT, TTS, A8, and S8.

More Apps for AT&T Connected Car Platform

AT&T added new apps to its connected car AT&T Drive platform–NPR One and Xtime. AT&T Drive’s cloud-based app platform can deliver speech-enabled applications designed specifically for cars, so that drivers have access to the information they need while on the road.
  • NPR One is the new audio app that connects you to a stream of public radio news and stories curated for you.
  • The Connected Car Roadside Assistance Application gives consumers a one-click, in-dash button to request immediate assistance from a nearby service provider. Customers can track the selected truck’s location on the in-dash map screen, allowing them to know exactly when help will arrive.
  • Xtime alerts a driver with a service warning, then they can schedule a service appointment with a preferred dealer through the app or car system. The connected car identifies vehicle issues and Xtime transmits service details to the selected dealership and confirms the order.

AT&T announced yesterday that AT&T’s connected car platform now has the ability to connect to the company’s home security and automation service, AT&T Digital Life

Airbiquity is supplying the backend for registration and SIM mangement for the the AT&T Connected Car platform for a major Japanese automaker.

FORD Drives Apps for EV Charging and e-Bikes with apps and in-Ford Charging

Ford expanded its Ford Smart Mobility plan at Mobile World Congress and introduced new app functionality.

Ford-Smart-Mobility-plan-at-Mobile-World-CongressHandle on Mobility explores the integration of e-bikes for commuters and commercial users with automotive and public transportation options. Ford is also showing Info Cycle experiment, an open-source data-gathering initiative designed to enhance the urban biking experience – whether it is an e-bike or a traditional bike.

Ford presented, the prototype MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro e-bikes presented at Mobile World Congress are among the top designs from more than 100 submitted. The bikes can work with the MoDe:Link app. After users input a destination, the MoDe:Link app lists possible journeys and then provides step-by-step or turn-by-turn navigation. While the e-bike is stowed and charging inside a Ford vehicle, Ford’s SYNC voice-activated connectivity system shows the app on the vehicle’s display

Ford announced the launch of MyFord Mobile at Mobile World Congress, a new app that enables electric vehicle drivers to remotely connect their smartphone with the car to manage charging and even set a chosen cabin temperature before their journey.

Ford announced the launch of MyFord Mobile at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Drivers will be able to use the app and associated website to remotely manage the status of their car, check the range, and plan journeys to include charging.

Personalised feedback advises how range might be improved. The Go Times feature enables drivers to prepare the car so that it is charged and ready to go with a pre-set cabin temperature, at a specific time and date.

BMW FemtoCell Vehicle Small Cell Connects without Glitches

The BMW Group, peiker acustic, KG and Nash Technologies are showing the “Vehicular Small Cell” research project, which aims to improve mobile reception in vehicles at Mobile World Congress.

There are problems with getting cellular signals in cars due to signal-shielding effect of the vehicle body.  The “Vehicular Small Cell” provides optimal access to cellular networks via the vehicle aerial while at the same time reducing electromagnetic radiation inside the vehicle significantly. The VSC automatically sets up a wireless connection between all mobile devices in the car.  It allows all mobile devices inside the vehicle to transmit at very low power, which minimizes radiation. What’s more, low-power transmission also saves battery power.

Visteon Clould Forecast: Multicast with Wireless Gateway and Smartcore

visteonVisteon is demoing  Cloud-based, connected technologies which, through 4G LTE over-the-air connections, provide new features and services to keep vehicles up-to-date with next generation technology and services at the 2015 Mobile World Congres

  • LTE Multicast, using Visteon’s Connected Vehicle Hub and Verizon LTE Multicast technology it allows automakers and dealers to broadcast software updates to an entire fleet, manufacturing plant or region.
  • Wireless Gateway, Visteon’s next-generation connectivity module, manages a complex wireless environment inside and outside the vehicle with security, diagnostics and monitoring.
  • SmartCore is a connected domain controller, integrating driver information, infotainment and connectivity through one seamless human-machine interaction (HMI). Multiple domains can run side-by-side on scalable hardware through different operating systems, greatly reducing complexity.

Refreshing Autonomous Apple Sauce from Nissan in 2016?

Recent news that Apple may be working on developing an electric car is “refreshing” in that it confirms EV technology is going mainstream,” said Carlos Ghosn CEO of the Renault Nissan Alliance at Mobile World Congress. He also said in 2016, Renault-Nissan will bring to market car models with the ability to drive autonomously in traffic jams, with the driver able to take his or her hands off the wheel and eyes off the road.

The next level will be autonomous highway driving in 2018 and city autonomous driving by 2020. True driverless cars will not arrive until 2025 due to problems around regulation and cyber security, noted Ghoson.

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