Airbiquity secures partnership AT&T for regs and SIM management

Choreo_platform_graphicAT&T and Airbiquity have announced a multi-year partnership for AT&T to employ Airbiquity’s Choreo platform to enable connected car program end-user registration and SIM management.

The relationship will be deployed at first an aftermarket customer in the United States. In the past Airbiquity, started relationships with companies slowly with some modules of service and later added more capabilities over the years, noted David Jumpa, CRO at Airbiquity.

After the Chevy Impala OnStar 60 Minutes DARPA hack, many car owners are concerned about hacking. Jumpa says users can rest assured that there are many security layers in the Choreo platform and no known hacks into the system.

When asked if there could be hacked like the OnStar hack in Choreo, he stated, “No. So far no one has been able to hack any vehicle in a production environment.”

Jumpa says that the best features of Choreo are that is scalable, manageable and customizable. The automakers can set policies to meet local legislature programs, as well as offer Over-the-Updates.

AT&T currently provides automotive manufacturers with mobile vehicle Internet access and a Global SIM platform.

Airbiquity offers services for Nissan Connect and Ford SYNC systems.

Airbiquity’s Choreo has won awards for its ease-of-use. Airbiquity recently announced that it will be working with Continental to provide Choreo to carmakers that use Continental head units.

In 2013, Airbiquity’s Scott Frank at the Los Angeles Auto Show, demonstrated the Nissan Connect system on a Nissan Rogue. The system appears easy to use while driving while offering Pandora and Facebook.

The Airbiquity connected car platform is in over 30 million autos around the world. Choreo provides cloud-based vehicle connectivity technology, program deployment, and management capability in over 50 countries and over 30 languages, and supports over 5 million vehicles and hundreds of millions of transactions per month.