Honda Developer Studio open for Android Auto devs online and in Mountain View

Honda anHonddevstudionounced the  Honda Developer Studio, an online portal and open innovation workspace in Silicon Valley.

Developers will be able to work with Honda engineers to create apps that are road-ready faster. This follows the release of the Android Auto software developer kit (SDK).

Starting in December, Honda Developer Studio will enable app developers to test their Android Auto apps and be assisted by Honda R&D teams.

To studio is meant to encourage app developers to develop with “automotive grade” engineering principles, as well as driver safety and privacy.

Honda Developer Studio is the product of Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL), Honda’s open innovation laboratory in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Developers interested in working with Honda can go to  Honda Developer Studio online, and can eventually schedule time to meet the team at workspace studio in Mountain View.

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    • Honda hasn’t set any dates, yet. Currently no cars on the market have Android Auto. We believe that Honda uses Android in its development. Hopefully Honda will offer a software update. Another option if you have lots of money is to replace your infotianment system with a new Pioneer system.

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