Primer What Can Connected Cars Do?

AAAmobileappsHere is a list of connected car services that can be deployed in connected cars from the American Automobile Association (AAA):

Crash Response: Connected cars can automatically send real-time data when an accident happens with the exact location to help, saving time and helping to save lives.Diagnosis: Connected cars can detect data that can predict a problem before a part even fails, insuring proper service and preventing car failure.

Convenience Services: Services are available such as remote door unlocking, finding where the car is parked and stolen car recovery.

Navigation: Connected cars use GPS and online services along with driver preferences for mapping, gas stations/ pricing, traffic alerts and places of interest.

Traffic Management: Connected car can give transportation agencies improved real-time traffic, transit, and parking data that can be used to improve traffic congestion and time lights.

Infotainment: Connected cars offer online, in-vehicle entertainment options such streaming music and information in the dashboard. AAA urges that these systems be limited  while the vehicle is in motion for safety.

Discounts and Coupons: Insurance companies may discount service after through driving or discounts for other services can be offered when near a location. For example after it rains, a discount/coupon for a car wash.

Enhanced Safety: There are new vehicle-to-vehicle (or “V2V”) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (“V2I”) communications are in development  that warn drivers of potential collisions, dangerous road conditions and hazards. These services will prevent accidents in the future.

Voice Commands/Bluetooth: AAA left out that many people buy the connected car “package” so that they can talk on their phones via Bluetooth with speakers in the car and a microphone near the driver as well as give voice commands for operating entertainment, mapping or locating services.

Currently, all of the above features are not available on every connected car system by every car maker.  There are several different systems in use.  There has also been a group formed by several automakers called the Open Automotive Alliance based on the Android operating system provided by Google. Apple is working on iOS in the Car system that mirrors what is on an iPhone or iOS device.

Other new features we found in connected cars are hotel booking via Priceline, voice texting, Facebook status updates, voice search, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspots, Google Glass operation and music identification services.

Connected cars are desired by Boomers who spend a lot of time driving. Current connected cars are bought by early adopters.