Who Buys Connected Cars? Men? Commuters? Early Adopters?

nelconnectecarsurveyNew reports show that the connected car market is growing quickly and it is huge.  There have been some new reports on what kinds of connections drivers like and what kinds of people buy connected cars.According to Nielsen approximate one in five drivers aware of connected cars is already driving a high-tech vehicle. Car buyers are become as head unit tech connections as they are in horsepower and transmissions.

Most connected car buys are men (58%) who call themselves early adopters, many commute and live in the suburbs. Connected car owners are connected and behind the wheel for many days and hours. 90% say they drive every day and 52% spend more than hour driving each day. Those who are less interested in tech spend less time in their cars.  Almost two-thirds (63%) reported that they looked in for connected car features during the when they bought their cars. The top features  of connected cars

  • Emergency assistance 82%.
  • Voice control of streaming audio and entertainment 80%.
  • Web-based navigation 79%.
  • Driving Analytics  79%.
  • Safety alerts 76%.
  • Diagnostics 74%.

Of those with high connected car interest 46% said they will buy a new car in the coming 24 months.

According to the Connected Car Forum, over 50% of global vehicles sold in 2015 will be connected – either by embedded tethered or smartphone integration.  Eery new car will be connected in multiple manners by 2025.

The Global Connected Car market is expected to grow at a 28.45 percent over the period 2014-2018 due to awareness and demand for safety and security of connected car  services. The global connected car market has been augmented by the launch of LTE-based connected cars.

Many car manufacturers, connected car developers, and telecom operators are developing partnerships to launch LTE-based connected cars over the next few years.

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