AAA Consumer Rights Needed for Connected Cars

aaacarThe American Automobile Association is concerned about all the data that will be collected from connected cars, in fact about 1-in-5 new cars sold this year will collect and transmit data outside the vehicle to improve safety and convenience for drivers.AAA wants protect drivers and wishes that companies would protect drivers’ rights  by adopting its new “Consumer Rights for Car Data.” AAA also urged guidelines in comments to the Federal Trade Commission.

AAA wants to insure the safety of the rights of drivers and wants to make sure that drivers know what is happening with their data. AAA laid out  guidlines for “AAA’s Consumer Rights for Car Data.”

AAA Suggests:

  • Transparency –  Businesses and the government should be transparent about the collection and use of vehicle data ans consumers should be able to understand what is being done with the data.
  • Choice– Consumers have a right to decide with whom to share their data and for what purpose. They should not be forced to relinquish control as a condition of purchasing or leasing a vehicle or of receiving a connected-vehicle service.
  • Security– Cars and device makers should take reasonable measures to protect vehicle data systems and services against unauthorized access and misuse.

Every automaker selling cars in North America is offering connected features in 2014.  See AAA connected car features.