Best Deal: Auto Tech R&D Summit October 9-10, San Jose for Connected & Autonomous Startups

The show formerly known as Telematics Update West Coast is moving north to San Jose where called ” Auto Tech R&D Summit” and it will focus new tech including 5G at the San Jose Hilton.  An added bonus for AUTO Connected Car News readers is that you get a $100 discount by using the code AUTOCC100. TU Detroit is the winner of AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech Car Award for Best Connected Car Trade Show 2016 and this event is produced by the same company. It’s only a month away therefore if you plan on going you should register soon.  In fact, they haven’t changed the prices yet and are stills showing a discount.

This event focuses on investments in new tech in the automotive connected car industy. The automotive start-up scene, symbolized by the Silicon Valley, is booming. There have been $220 billion in investments in atuomotive startups int last five years. In this event there were will two startup competitiions and tons of information by speakers, anaylysts and attorneys who know the industry fromt the inside out.

Automakers re experiencing a sea change in consumer behavior and government legislation regarding the future of automotive. How Cybersecurity, AI, V2X , 5G , cloud platforms, monetizing data and new mobility models are changing the industry will be discussed.  Auto Tech R&D Summit has been called the a “gathering the West Coast automakers, start-ups, investors and innovative software providers under one roof. ”

This year there will be many interesting sessions with some of the top analysts in the business to get connected and autonmous car innovators ready for the challenge. There will also be exhibitors showing their wares.

Here are some of the higlights of the Auto Tech R&D Summit

Auto Tech Investment Super Panel with SBD, Nokia Growth Partners, Maven Ventures andIcebreaker Ventures

Legislative and Regulatory Developments Related to Highly Automated Vehicles with attorneys.

5G – The Enabler for a New Era of Connected Services with speakers from GM, GMA and PADEM

The Cloud vs the Edge – explores the need for off-board processing with speakers from SFB Consulting, Panasonic and Renovo Motors

Smart Cities with V2X featues Vishwas Shankar,- Research Manager, Frost & Sullivan, Ryan Snyder, Principal, Transpogroup and Gail Gottehre.

The Role and Design of V2X Communications for Automated Driving features Gaurav Bansal, Senior Researcher-M2M, Toyota

Mapping the High-Def Way to the Autonomous Future will be explored by Frans De Rooij from TomTom.

Early Phase Start-Up Pitching Competition with Sobhan Khani – Director – Mobility, Plug and Play

How OEMs can own the Content Ecosystem with Scott Burnelll from Ford.

Understanding the Needs of your Ecosystem with Paul Wilson – Chief Marketing Officer, TM Forum
Cybersecurity – From Code to Cloud

Concept to Product – A Roll-Out Roadmap for Auto Tech,

Maximize Cross Industry Monetization Opportunities

External Innovation – Finding and working with new technology

Mainstreaming Electric Vehicles – What are the Barriers?

Start-Up Pitching Competition

Artificial Intelligence: Powering New Mobility Models

Blockchain Breaks Into Auto Tech

Augmented Reality Applications for Automotive

There will hundreds of fellow auto tech companies in attendance.  There are also delicious networking lunches to meet with colleagues. Interested? AUTO Connected Car News readers i get a $100 discount by using the code AUTOCC100.  Please be sure to put in AUTOCC100 for the discount.

When attending use the hashtag #TUAUTOTECH to share what’s happening.