National Teen Safety Week – make promises or use MotoSafety OBD-II GPS

There are many ways for parents to encourage teens to drive safely. A NFTSD sponsored campaign asks parents and teens to make a mutual promise to each other during the pre-driving and early driving years.

National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving (NFTSD) is joining with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other organizations across the country to promote National Teen Driver Safety Week. The goal of this campaign is to encourage parents to talk to their teen drivers about important driving.

Research is clear that teens whose parents take an active driver education role are involved in fewer and less severe crashes. To enable parents to help their teens become safe and responsible drivers NFTSD is launching “The Safe Driving Promise,” a campaign that focuses on the critical role of the parent in their teen’s driver education. The campaign will run from October 18 to 24, 2015 in support of National Teen Driver Safety Week.

The first part of this mutual promise asks parents to make a commitment to play an active role in helping their teen develop safe driving habits using love, patience, and support, and leading by example. Next, both parent and teen will promise to learn about and abide by their state’s graduated driver license law, and pledge to drive sober, drug free, well rested and without distractions, obey the speed limit, and never operate a vehicle until everyone in the car is buckled up.

The campaign also gives students an opportunity to nominate their school to receive one of four grants from NTFTSD. At the campaign’s conclusion, NFTSD will award $2,500 grants to each of four randomly selected high schools. These grants are specifically earmarked to support school sponsored safe driving activities.

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Another way for teens to improve driving is by using a coaching OBD-II device. MOTOsafety, a product that helps to prevent teen accidents on the road, is promoting National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 18-24, 2015) wiMotoSafety_th resources to support parents in the “5 to Drive Campaign.” afety rules.

MOTOsafety is challenging parents to have their child sign the “MOTOsafety Pledge” and to discuss the pledge in detail with their teens.
The pledge is a tool to guide parents through the conversation about the major impairments to safe driving. The pledge covers positive and negative behavior commitments in three key areas: rules of the road, distracted driving, and responsible behavior. It is a thorough set of talking points that covers the “5 to Drive” rules of the road and much more, including issues such as texting/drinking and driving.

“We have always been a major advocate for National Teen Driver Safety Week because a lot of parents are unaware that solutions like MOTOsafety are available to provide valuable information to keep their teen safer on the road,” said Jessica Stoddard, Director of Consumer Products for Agilis Systems.

MOTOsafety empowers parents to coach their children to be safer drivers. MOTOsafety is a GPS device for your vehicle that monitors your child’s driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, rolling stop signs, and curfews. The device gives parents peace of mind of knowing where their child is and how well they are driving without their supervision. MOTOsafety provides valuable resources to help parents through all the challenging conversations with their teen with their partnerships with National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and National Safety Council (NSC).

According to the NHTSA, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers 14-18 years old in the United States. Parents are encouraged to learn more about what they can do to prevent future accidents by preparing their child to drive.

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