Maestro intros FOX3-3G & MT-40 telematics tracking devices

FOX3_3At CTIA Super Mobility Maestro Wireless Solutions (Maestro) introduced in the United States the FOX3-3G, 3G vehicle-tracking unit, for advanced telematics solutions.

With cellular connectivity, highly sensitive GPS/GLONASS, three configurable I/O’s, 1-wire interface and up to two serial ports and a CAN interface, the FOX3-3G provides the flexibility and expandability required for effective fleet management applications. The FOX3-3G is housed in a UL 94 V-0 casing and features both external and internal antennas as well as an optional battery backup for easy mounting in vehicle and to insure that the vehicle will report data even if tampered with.

The FOX3-3G leverages FALCOM proprietary PFALTM scripting engine, an industry-approved, highly configurable, onboard engine which constantly monitors environmental data such as time, speed, location, power state and triggers alerts as configured by the user. The FOX3-3G is also compatible with D2SphereTM device management services for remote update of PFAL firmware and to monitor the health of the device during deployment.

Maestro also announced the availability during the fourth quarter of 2015 of its new series of micro-trackers, the MT-40. The MT-40 comprises IP-67 tracking devices targeting the electrical and light vehicles industry.

The MT-40 has been designed with the issues of emerging markets in mind. It has a waterproof casing and an indestructible power section suited to all vehicles including electrical vehicles.

The 2G and 3G versions will be commercially available by the end of the year and we are also preparing an LTE category 1 version for the North American market which will be available in the second quarter of 2016.