Land Rovers to rove over potholes & alert in Coventry

Jaguar-Land-Rover-Pothole-Alert-Research-InfographicJaguar Land Rover is working on “Pothole Alert” sensors to detect potholes, broken drains and manhole covers then share the data with other vehicles and local authorities.

When a car receives a pothole warning it warns the driver and the could adjust the suspension to reduce bumpy ride. This could also prevent punctures, wheel/car damage and some accidents.

Jaguar Land Rover is testing the technology on Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport models with MangenRide that can adjust the suspension for a more comfortable ride.

Researcher will install road sensor and advanced front stereo digital cameras, in the next phase of research at Jaguar Land Rover’s Advanced Research Centre in the UK.

Currently, the best data comes from driving over the potholes, researchers want to improve detection via the sensors and cameras.

Jaguar Land Rover’s research team will also be working with in Coventry City Council to share data and report repairs. One way to report the potholes is by sending photos with GPS locations to the municipality.

Nokia Here mapping with live traffic is integrated into the Jaguar XF, InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System. Here Auto is also integrated Jaguar’s smartphone companion apps. .

Jaguar Land Rover is working on a pilot for its ‘Innovation Incubator’ program.

Jaguar’s JustDrive  is a free app that integrates many apps for voice control for iOS 8 now and Android later. Jaguar claims it is “one of the most advanced voice recognition packages in the world. “