Vonsor 360° videos of Jaguar Land Rover better than bogus Honda Selfie: it’s real

JAGUARXF_S_Interior_02_PosterMany reporters who wrote about Honda’s faux HR-V SLF ‘Selfie’ Edition found the April Fools’ hoax to be way too plausible. In fact, Jaguar Land Rover in a pilot for its ‘Innovation Incubator’ program is sponsoring Vonsor, a service that allows video uploads from multiple cameras in cars to be shared on social media.

Vonsor will enable Jaguar drivers to take live footage from cameras inside and outside the vehicle, edit them on the large touchscreen in the center stack and then share the footage on social media.

“Currently there are cameras inside the cars that can take video of the driver and passengers,” said Vonsor’s president, Justyn Baker.

The Vonsor system allows drivers to save both on and off-road driving adventures.

The cameras integrated in cars can shoot video of wheels over rocks or footage of the a family having fun inside the car. Videos could also show road side attractions, traffic jams or wild animals from Land Rovers in the jungles.

Vonsor reps met Jaguar Land Rover engineers at a start-up pitch competition and are now part of Jaguar Land Rover ‘Innovation Incubator” in Portland Oregon.

Vonsor videos  show branding by the sponsor, therefore the videos posted to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlet may show a pre and post roll logo, like “Jaguar Land Rover” promoting the automaker.

In case you’re wondering, if someone could post video of road kill, fatal car accidents or “sex tapes” form their Jaguars or Land Rovers.

“The videos will be processed through a filter before being uploaded to social media sites like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook,” confirmed Baker.

Vonsor is  also working with sports, adventure and lifestyle companies.